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    Flying Hamster

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Sep 08, 2010

    Side-scrolling shooter staring Newton the Flying Hamster.

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    Flying Hamster is a lighthearted side-scrolling shoot 'em up developed by The Game Atelier for PlayStation Minis, and later ported to iOS. It features a heavily armed flying hamster fighting his way through 6 levels filled with horrible animals that are constantly kidnapping his girlfriend.

    On December 19, 2012, an upgraded "HD" version with new modes, trophies and online leaderboards was released for the Vita in Europe.


    The game is a side-view fixed scrolling shoot 'em up, where the player has move around the screen and destroy or avoid the constant stream of enemies. Newton has three health points, and loses one each time he makes contact with a bullet or an enemy. If all three are lost, Newton is knocked down and the player must spend a credit to continue. If all 5 credits are used the game ends, though the level select feature allows the player to restart from the current section of the level with full heath and credits.


    Newton starts our armed only with his spit, which are the weakest weapon in the game, but have unlimited ammo. He can upgrade his offensive capabilities but filling his mouth with everything from bees to fire, but their ammo is quickly expended so the player must constantly be on the look out for more. Each weapon has to attacks - a normal one, and a more powerful special attack that has to be charged for a few seconds.

    WeaponNormal attackSpecial attack
    BananaShort-ranged projectile that boomerangs back past NewtonThree bananas circle around Newton as a shield
    BeeHoming missileAn arc of bees flying to the right
    BeerA tight stream of beerA wider stream of beer
    EggExploding eggs fly to the right with a slight downwards arcNewton drops a big exploding egg below him
    FireSmall fireballA constant stream of fire
    SpitSmall projectileLarge projectile
    Sunflower seedRapid fireTwo streams of rapid fire seeds
    TomatoThree tomato spreadGiant tomato that explodes into many smaller tomatos

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