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Flying Nightmares is simply described as a jet simulator. Players pilot a AV-8B Harrier II in a fictional theatre set against the rebellious forces entrenched upon Barcala Island. What exactly these forces are rebelling against is a mystery but their forces show some variety in the form of F-16, f-5 Mark IIs, A-4 Skyhawks, the odd C-130 Hercules and the ever-common UH-1 Huey helicopter. Ground forces do pop up from time to time but thanks to pop-in they are nearly impossible to see.

The manual encourages the purchase of a flight stick for use with the game- the alternative is wrestling with an arcane set of controller commands that often require simultaneous button presses. At least one of these is easy to remember: the eject command demands pressing left shoulder, right shoulder, play and stop all at the same time. Amusingly, it has a similar command to jettison all weaponry by pressing left and right shoulder simultaneously.

Also, it has a kicking rad 90's intro.

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