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The Followers of Romulus, an enemy faction from Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, were content to live in seclusion in the tunnels under Rome, until the Borgias, the leaders of the Templar, decided they could use the wild men as a weapon against their enemy, the Brotherhood of Assassins. The Borgias sent their men to infiltrate the cult under with the claim that they could hear the sacred voice of Romulus; the simple-minded Followers believed their every word, and therefore believed that they were performing Romulus' sacred duties when in reality all they were doing was dancing like puppets on the strings of the Borgia. Their "duties" mainly consisted of trying to kill Assassins and scaring the people of Rome, so that they would run into the arms of the Borgia-controlled church. 
Unbeknownst to the Borgia, at some point the Followers had discovered a secret cache created by Marcus Brutus, to store his armour and the dagger he'd used to finish off Julius Caesar, as well as the scrolls he'd written to explain his actions. The illiterate Followers somehow came to the conclusion that the armour and dagger belonged to Romulus, and stored them behind a complex lock that required six keys to open, hiding each key with one of the six scrolls Brutus had written, in their six lairs scattered across the city of Rome. 
In the 16th century, the leader of the Brotherhood, Ezio Auditore, tracked down each of the Followers' lairs and retrieved each of the six keys, killing the Borgia henchmen who had been controlling the Followers as he did so, and claimed the Armour of Brutus for himself. It is unknown whether or not the cult of the Followers of Romulus survived these events.

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