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New Features

Improved Match Engine

The have improved the 2D engines AI to make it a lot more realistic.  

A Brand New Skin

Giving a fresh and vibrant new look to the game. 

Improved Board Confidence

Sports Interactive have completely overhauled the system to make it easier to see how the board views your performance and also giving feedback on decisions. 

Improved Coach and Scout Reports

It has now been made possible to view scout reports for individual players from their profiles.  

Assistant Manager Team Reports

You can now see what the assistant manager thinks of your team and see what improvements he would make.  

Unlockable Managerial Abillities

You can now acquire abilities as your reputation increases, for example, the ability to over rule requests made by the board. 

New Player Comparison Screens

You can now compare players within your squad or with future transfer targets.  

Player Testimonial Matches

A player in your squad can now receive a testimonial game to reward their loyalty and long service to a club. 

Release Date  

Football Manager Handheld 2010 for the PSP was released on October 30, 2009 in the Europe and Australia. It was released on December 22, 2009 in North America on the PlayStation Store.  It was released worldwide through Apple's iTunes Store on April 13, 2010.

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