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    Football Manager Live

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jan 23, 2009

    Football Manager Live Is an online football management game developed by Sports Interactive

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    NEW - Trial Accounts

    From 15th July SiGames and SEGA started to offer a limited number of free trial places. The trial is for 21 days (1 in game season*). Credit card details are still required to sign up but wont be charged if canceled before the trial ends.
    *If timed correctly.


    The game is going to have a monthly subscription fee only as the games client will be a free download but a player will require subscription to play.

    People who pre-order the game now will also get to choose their Team Name and Game World (Server) early. Team names are now Exclusive in the whole game .

    These are currently the pre order pricing...

    • 3 Months - £22.99   (£7.66pm)
    • 6 Months - £43.99   (£7.33pm)
    • 12 Months - £72.99   (£6.00pm)
    • 24 Months - £114.99   (£4.79pm)
    Payments can be made in full or in monthly installments.

    The game has been through a long period of beta testing since April 2007. People have been invited to come and test the game before it is released and will recieve discount for all the hard work committed during the period.

    Initially purchase of the game will be limited to their own web portal only with a boxed released scheduled for early 2009.


    The game is a lot different from other Football Manager Games that they have created. Firstly the biggest difference will be that there are no real teams in this game, you have to create your own team. From the name, the kit and even the stadium name. Then when your team is created you have to pick your team from a database of real life players. The players age one year every month. You only start off with £500,000, so you have to choose carefully.

    Players are bought through an auction system. The highest bidder at the end of the auction will get the player. There are two types of auctions in the game. Transfer auctions and Wage auctions.
    A Transfer auction is when the managers will bid to buy the player and at the end of the auction the player will sign for the highest bidder and the manager will have to pay the fee as well as paying the wage that the player wants.
    A Wage auction is what occurs at the end of a players contract. The manager of the team that he plays for will have to manage a wage bid to keep him at that club. Other manager can also bid for that player and if they manage to be the highest bidder at the end of the auction they will sign the player at the wage that they bid but they will have to pay the original club that plays Acquisition Fee. Which is how much the player cost to buy.
    Managers can also make private Transfer bids for players which mangers can accept or reject.

    There are also Football Associations in the game. Managers will be able to join these when they start playing. There will be leagues and cups in these FA's that clubs will be assigned to. Clubs can be promoted and relegated from these leagues and there will be prize money awarded for your finishing position. The FA's will have different play times for matches, so that people will know when most of their opponents will be on so they can play them. Also this will help people decide which one to choose depending when they will be online.


    Sports Interactive the developers have always stated that Football Manager Live will have a constant development cycle in which will see new releases every few months or so. These will be introduced at no extra cost to the gamers.  SI have many ideas in the pipeline enough for a long time yet to ensure once people join new features are continually added to ensure the fun continues.

    Game Updates



             Firstly, the update ties up many of the themes of earlier changes to the game, which focussed on Gameworld controls. The financial system and the transfer market have both been finessed so as to ensure that Gameworlds are as stable and viable over long term periods as possible.
             Secondly, the update adds new club customistion via the addition of fan personas and club biography pages. New gameplay elements have been added, such as the new 'Gameworld Champion' competition, via which any team can be crowned 'King of the Gameworld' simply by beating the current holders. 
             Finally, alot of existing features have been polished and enhanced. For instance, the match module now includes a game analysis screen that uses visual information to help you analyse your teams performance. Elsewhere, your news screen now has daily news roundups that make sifting through old news much easier. Fans of friendly competitions, meanwhile, will be interested to note that there is now a quick play option that allows an entire competition to be completed 'live' on the same day it's created.


            1.1.1 allows you to build your own Stadium! This starts out with a default stadium with a capacity in the region of 7,040. Each stand is a ‘block’ which contains a number of slots of different types (seating, corporate boxes and advertising space.).
            Prior to the introduction of stadiums, clubs just had a 'Daily Income'. With the introduction of Stadium Income, 1.1.1 splits this old-style daily income into two components. General income uses the same calculation as the old-style daily income (i.e. primarily reputation based), but at around 25% of the amount. Stadium income uses your reputation, fan profile and stadium capacity (etc) to account for the rest of your daily income.
            Players on loan to another club will not count towards the squad limit of the club loaning the player out. They will of course count towards the threshold of the club they are on loan at.
            It will no longer be possible to end a transfer auction in which a bid has been made, until 24 hours has passed. This is to ensure that all users have a fair chance of winning the rights to a player. In addition, an automatic sell-on % will be written into all contracts following a private transfer (including an exchanged player) or transfer auction.


            1.2 changes the way you interact with the game and other managers in a big way. Managers can now be added as 'friends' in the game, meaning you'll recieve updates on their activities, be able to send messages to their homepages.
            All managers now have a home page. You'll get taken to this page when you sign into the game, and it basically draws together all the strands of your FML life. There's news items on your team, updates on and messages from your friends, invites to votes and competitions, and a great Facebook-style status box that allows you to tell everyone what you're up to.
            There's now a new tactics creator that allows you to build unique tactics, in six easy steps. All options draw from a 50-page piece of research called Tactical Theories and Frameworks. The entire tactics screen has been streamlined too, and is now much easier for managers both new and old to get to grips with.
            There's some great new screens in game that allow you to analyse your team a bit more than in the past. From skillset breakdowns to the nature of your fanbase and sources and destinations of your income.


    The Game was due to lauch on the 27th October but due to technical issue raised in a final stress test of the beta the launch has now been delayed. The first gameworld is now due to luanch on Tuesday 4th November with the remaing gameworld coming online over the following month.

    • Tuesday 4th November - Cantona at 5:00pm
    • Thursday 6th November - Clough at 8:00pm
    • Friday 7th November - Saunders at 5:00pm
    • Monday 10th November - Fernandez at 7:00pm
    • Tuesday 11th November - Lineker at 3:00pm
    • Wednesday 12th November – Fowler at 12:30pm
    • Monday 24th November - Shearer at 11:00am
    • Wednesday 26th November - Blissett at 4:00pm
    • Friday 28th November - Keane at 3:00pm


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