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    Force Edge

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    A memento once thought to have been given to Dante by his father. It actually resides in the Demon world until Devil May Cry 3 when Dante takes it back with him to the Human world. Combining both Dante and Vergil's amulet turns the sword into the Legendary Sparda sword.

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    The Force Edge is what was left of the Sparda sword after the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda sealed off his power in the Demon world in order to prevent any further invasions on the Human world. It's first playable appearence is in the original Devil May Cry when Dante arrives at Mallet Island to do battle with his father enemy Mundus. With its true power sealed off it doesn't feature a devil trigger and is all but discarded by players once they gain access to Alastor early on in the game. Two-thirds of the way through the game it transforms into the Sparda when Dante unknowingly kills Vergil and unites both halves of the Demon world amulet.

    The search for the sword

    Even without its full power, the Force Edge is considered the most powerful devil arm. Like its true form, it is capable of transforming humans like Arkham into rampaging monsters. Vergil had a considerable power increase in Devil May Cry 3, despite falling short of Dante.

    Super styling

    With Vergil being playable in Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition he gains a unique style in which he uses the Yamato and Force Edge simultaneously. This mixes the Yamato's fast slashing moves with the striking power of Dante's DMC1 Force Edge/ DMC3 and 4 Rebellion moves. It doesn't give the player access to Vergil's Final Boss abilities though as these could easily be exploited outside of A.I. programming.


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