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Dead Space

Primary Fire
Shoots out a short ranged blast of energy that pushes away anything with such force that it can rip it apart

Alternate Fire
Shoots out a grenade like ball that explodes when it comes into contact with another object. If it does not hit something it will explode after a certain period of time.

Dead Space 2

While the primary fire is the same as in the first game, in Dead Space 2 the Force Gun's Alternate Fire has been changed. It now shoots a beam of concentrated energy at a target at long range.

Hardcore Playthrough Weapon of Choice

The Force Gun is widely regarded as the best weapon to use while playing on Hardcore difficulty (along with the trusty Plasma Cutter). It has the ability to take out multiple enemies with a single shot and can knock enemies over, buying the player more time. While it's Primary fire acts like a Shotgun, it's Alternate fire acts like Sniper Rifle. Very useful when attempting to pick off enemies from a distance.

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