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    Ford Cruller

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    Ford Cruller is one of the original Psychonauts. He holds jobs at Whispering Rock Summer Camp as the chef, ranger and lifeguard when he is away from his lab in Whispering Rock Summer Camp.

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    Ford Cruller is an old Psychonaut agent, now seen as deranged and useless by the majority of his peers (all besides Sasha and Milla). He lives in an underground sanctuary beneath Whispering Rock Summer Camp, near an enormous psitanium deposit. At some point in his past, his psyche was shattered and the only way that he remains sane is by staying near the large psitanium deposit. When he leaves his sanctuary, he becomes one of his other personalities: a ranger, an admiral, a chef, or a janitor. The only way that he can remain himself for any length of time is by strapping a chunk of psitanium to his back, a measure which only lasts a short amount of time.

    From the very beginning he is Raz's mentor, teaching Raz new skills and helping him to become a true psychonaut. He is also the game's narrator and help character; he can be contacted at any point by waving around his favorite food (bacon). He will proceed to come out of Raz's ear, dispensing helpful hints and information on enemies. He can also teleport Raz back and forth from the field and his sanctuary. Raz can take many collectibles (cards, brains, psi cores) back to Ford to exchange for rank or health.


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