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    Ford Racing 2

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Oct 03, 2003

    Ford Racing 2 expands over it´s predecesor by adding more cars and tracks, new game modes and detailed graphics; a game marketed mostly for the hardcore Ford enthusiast.

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    The direct sequel to Ford Racing, this game features much of the same features found on the original game. Ford Racing 2 for the XBOX, PC and PS2 expands it´s content by adding more than 30 automobiles of Ford´s history and updating itself with new game modes and a gameplay more oriented towards rally drving than circuit racing. Asides from the already seen Career, Quick Race and Head to Head modes, Ford Racing 2 includes a new Challenge mode that allows the player to get most of the unlockables in the game. Time trials, Zig-Zag time trials, deathmatch races (the last car at the end of each lap is disqualified), duel racing and drafting modes have been added to the mix to add variety to the game. Vehicle customization also returns to the sequel, allowing you to build your own collection of personalized cars.

    Key Features

    • Select over 30 vehicles from Ford´s entire history.
    • Race in a variety of different surfaces, from traditional pavement to snow.
    • Over 7 different game modes to keep you entertained for a long time.
    • Realistic physics engine, with each car and truck featuring a unique feel.
    • Up to date graphics and detailed renders of the cars and tracks.
    • Arcade-orriented racing that makes it easy to play, yet featuring variable difficulty.
    • Budget price tag.

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