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    Forest Temple

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    The Forest Temple is a recurring dungeon in the Legend of Zelda franchise. As the name implies, the temple is set in a forested section of Hyrule. Though its location and overall appearance, as well as layout, has changed in every game it appeared.

    Ocarina of Time

    In OoT, the Forest Temple is located in the Sacred Meadow: located far beyond the Lost Woods. After getting the Hookshot, it is the first dungeon for Link when he's an adult. There, he goes to find, and awaken, his childhood friend Saria. The temple is depicted as being eerie and atmospheric: haunted by the four Poe sisters, who Link needs to defeat to go down to the boss.

    Twilight Princess

    The temple is found, in Twilight Princess, in the depths of the Faron Woods. Link comes here, by the persuasion of Midna, to collect a piece of the Fused Shadow: which she needs to take down Zant. The layout is more organic: the temple itself is built inside a giant tree. Here, Link needs to save a group of monkeys (as well as their possessed leader) to proceed through the temple.  This temple is also the first dungeon Link enters in the game.

    Spirit Tracks

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    The temple returns in Spirit Tracks, but is depicted as a pyramid with a tree protruding from it.

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