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Forge first appeared in the 1984 issue of Uncanny X-Men #184. He is of Native American descent (Cheyenne), and is an unparalleled genius in regards to the analyzation, development, construction, and refitting of technology. It was revealed that Forge served in the US armed forces in the conflict in Vietnam prior to the events of the X-Men comics. Afterward, he constructed various cybernetic limb replacements for himself before being employed by the United States Defense Department to develop weaponry. He would later join the mutant super hero team the X-Men.
Forge has gone on to serve as a supporting character in various X-Men related comics since his debut.  He has also appeared in many X-Men video games.

Powers and Abilities

  • Unnatural brilliance for technological design and construction
  • Is capable of perceiving the potential and kinetic energy (in physics, jointly known as mechanical energy) of any material, device, or mechanism
  • Non specific arcane abilities (referred to as "Native American magic"), which he rarely employs, but have been shown to provide him with insight or summon spiritual entities to do his bidding

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