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Forgemaster Garfrost is the first boss you will encounter in the second wing of the Frozen Halls, the Pit of Saron. He is an objective to kill in the quest The Path to the Citadel in addition to freeing several captured slaves. 
He creates weapons out of Saronite which the Scourge uses. 


  • Permafrost - Causes frost damage to all players. It ticks every two seconds. 200 damage and 10% increased frost damage taken per tick.
  • Permafrost (Heroic) - Deals 400 frost damage to all players, and increases frost damage taken by 20%. Stacks up to 30 times.  Three second duration.
  • Throw Saronite - Throws a huge rock of saronite towards the player, causing 3500 damage on Normal and 5500 damage on Heroic. This boulder blocks the damage from Permafrost and it lasts on the ground for five minutes
  • Thundering Stomp - Stuns all players for two seconds. He does this at 66% and 33%.

Phase 2 Abilities

  • Forge Frozen Blade - Forges a sword that increases his frost damage by 50%. The blade increases frost damage done by 100% in Heroic difficulty. Used at 66%.
  • Chilling wave - Frozen water sprays in a cone in front of the boss, causing 1850/2000 damage per second.

Phase 3 Abilities

  • Forge Frostborn Mace - Used at 33%. Makes a new weapon increasing frost damage done by 100% in Normal, 200% in Heroic. 
  • Deep Freeze - Hit on a target. Stuns the target for 1 second and deals 4000 damage in Normal and 6000 damage on Heroic after 14 seconds.



Normal loot:   

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Heroic loot:

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