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    Forget Me Not

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Mar 22, 2011

    Forget-Me-Not is a one or two player action game for iOS, PC & Mac with gameplay consisting of an interesting new blend of roguelike qualities and Pac-Man style arcade play.

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    Players navigate the never-ending, procedurally generated levels of the retro-styled NEON DUNJUN in a manner like Pac-Man, only featuring a constantly flowing stream of shots from the front.  The single screen levels wrap at the edges, and bullets from the player can cause self-inflicted damage, unless the player is towing around the single key found on each level to block the incoming shots. 
    The player collects pellets like in Pac-Man, only styled as "flowers", until none remain and a locked exit portal spawns onto the level.  Enemies can also grab the key, even from the player, and force the player to recover the key before they can exit the level.  If the player lingers too long on a single level, a large and ominous ghost begins to traverse the screen to extinguish the player. 
    The enemies come in a wide variety of forms and functions, behaving in any manner; from circular ghost-like enemies that wander randomly firing shots, to a behaviors and appearances like the player, to a snake that homes directly to the player, to stationary blobs that fizzle and explode when shot, to enemies that clone into duplicates when shot, and many more.  Explosions in the game even alter the level geometry, destroying flowers, removing walls, and damaging other enemies.  In fact, unlike Pac-Man, enemies are just as likely to target other enemies as the player.  When enemies are destroyed, they spawn groupings of fruit into the level that can be collected by the player.  Each 100 pieces of fruit collected result in an extra life.  More rarely, enemies can drop red or green potions that double shooting power and restore health, respectively.
    In addition to single player and split screen two-player, three game modes are available.  Standard mode challenges the player to travel as deep as possible into the NEON DUNJUN.  Survival provides only a single life (and prevents additional lives from player behaviors like collecting fruit), challenging the player to make it as far into the dungeon as possible without any second-tries.  Shuffle mode has the player traverse levels of the dungeon randomly. 
    Advanced strategies encourage players to take greater risk for higher scores.  All collectables can be "chained", encouraging the player to collect long strings of similar items (flowers or fruit) without engaging enemies or navigating away from danger.  Premature turning causes the player sprite to "grind" along the wall, generating sparks and "heating up", which increases player speed and even provides temporary invulnerability.  Charging the player too much with the grinding mechanic causes the player to explode. 

    PC and Mac version 

    On August 26th 2011, the developer released a PC/Mac version of the game for free. It's available for download here.

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