This game looks great

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Yes, that trailer voice over is kinda terrible but the game seems like it could be really neat. Not sure if posting let's play type stuff is taboo but here's a longer form look at it:

That video is pretty much the first time I've ever even heard of it which seems like a shame because clearly a lot of effort has gone into this thing. Apparently the guys behind it are ex-Ghibli dudes? At least the art style seems to be heavily "inspired" by their work.

It's an adventure game with "choice" aspects so who knows how well that stuff is gonna hold up, still worth keeping an eye on I think.

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#2 Posted by geirr (3736 posts) -

Haven't seen or heard much about this pretty game. Maybe they'll cover it on the Bombcast later?
Either way I'm interested. \o/

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#4 Posted by SethMode (1883 posts) -

I've started playing it. Ridiculous name aside, it's really great thus far and the animation is just top notch. The platforming aspects suffer a little bit due to the animation style, but nothing too bad so far. I'm definitely enjoying it. Anyone else pick it up?

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Seems to be getting a lot of positive buzz. Had not heard of this before last week, but feeling tempted to pick it now.

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@sethmode: I played about an hour of it and really enjoyed it. I’m itching to get back to it soon!

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