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    Formula 1

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    The Formula One franchise has games based on the exciting and fast racing series of the same name. The franchise has had its ups and downs in the gaming realm.

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    Formula 1 is a professional racing circuit that features lightweight F1 vehicles capable of speeds over 300 kmph / 200 mph. Many video game adaptations of the organization, its racers and teams have been created by various developers in an official basis, and these games generally sell better in regions like Europe and Japan than in the US.

    Bizarre Creations (Project Gotham racing) set a high mark with Formula One and F1 97, but lost the development duties after that. Over the next few iterations of the franchise Psygnosis handed development duties over to a few different developers such as Visual Science and Studio 33. SCE then took up the license and made a few well-regarded Formula 1 games after that. From 2009 and onwards Codemasters have held the Formula 1 License.


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