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    Forrest Law

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    Character from the Tekken series. Son of Marshall Law and has a fighting style that is similar to Bruce Lee's style.

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    Forest Law (sometimes spelled as Forrest Law) was introduced in Tekken 3, and he returned for Tekken Tag Tournament. He is the son of Marshall Law. They have the same fighting style and the same moves. Like his father, Forest is friends with Paul Phoenix.

    Tekken 3

    Forrest makes his first appearance in Tekken 3. He trains at his father's dojo in hopes of one day achieving the same success and greatness as Marshall. Marshall is protective towards his son, and therefore forbids him to enter any contests outside the dojo. Paul Phoenix visits the dojo regularly to spar with Marshall. One day when he is away supervising the building of a new dojo, he asks Forrest to spar with him. Forrest declines knowing his father will disapprove of it.

    Paul suggests he joins The King of Iron Fist Tournament 3. To convince him to join the tournament, he tells him he's a better fighter than his own father. Driven by the hope of one day inheriting his fathers dojo, Forrest joins the tournament.

    Marshall is outraged when finding out about Forrest joining the tournament.


    In the ending, Paul rides Forrest back to the dojo where they are met by Marshall who instructs them to go practice.

    They stretch out before demonstrating several Jeet Kune Do moves. Forrest performs the Frog Man jump kick. He immediately hears a big thump behind to find both Marshall and Paul laid out on the floor having failed to do the move themselves.

    Tekken Tag


    Forrest and Paul are seen practicing katas. Then, in a rather humorous incident they both kick each other in the crotch simultaneously. They are then seen holding each others crotch while the screen is negative.

    Tekken 5

    Although he doesn't make an appearance in Tekken 5 he is referred to in the in-game story of Marshall Law. He is involved in a motorcycle accident with Paul Phoenix's motorcycle. His father, who is already broke after his restaurant failed has no other choice but to enter The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5 and win in order to pay for property damage and Forrest's hospital bills.


    Forrest is along with his father based on Bruce Lee. This is shown in the outfits he wears in the game.

    His first outfit resembles Lee's attire from "Enter The Dragon".

    His second attire in Tekken 3 is based on the one worn by Lee in "Way of The Dragon".

    His fifth attire from Tekken Tag resembles Lee's attire from the unreleased movie "Game of Death", though without sleeves.


    • Forest makes an appearance in Yoshimitsu's Tekken ending, as a child.
    • Forest Law appeared in a TV commercial, aired in the year 2000 by the Swiss Milk Producers Association, where he fought and lost against their cow mascot, Lovely.
    • It was rumored, though not confirmed, that Lili defeated Forest in a street fighting tournament prior to the events of Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection. The rumor was based on a man, wearing attire similar to one of Forest's outfits, was seen lying on the ground in Lili's Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection prologue.
    • In his attires in Tekken Tag Tournament, his first selection attire resembles Bruce Lee's from Enter The Dragon. His fifth selection resembles the yellow tracksuit of Bruce Lee from Game Of Death.
    • Because of Marshall's appearance in Tekken 6 (clean shaven, no chest scars, and younger-looking face), many assumed him to be Forest Law making his return to the series as a playable character.
    • Forest is one of two characters in the series to be replaced by the fighter he was the successor to, with the other being Combot.
    • For some reason, starting with Tekken 5, Namco decided to start spelling Forest as Forrest.
    • In Tekken 6, Forrest can be seen crashing the truck during the beginning of the Rustic Asia stage, possibly a reference to Forrest crashing Paul's motorcycle insinuating Forrest is accident prone. He remains with his head sticking out of the open truck window watching the fight in a dazed state for the remainder of the fight.
    • Just as Marshall Law (the father) can be seen as an homage to Bruce Lee, Forest (the son) could be seen as an homage to Brandon Lee. Brandon was Bruce's son.

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