Forsaken has been forsaken.

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Am I the only person who has / had love for Forsaken? One of the tracks popped up on iTunes while I was working, and I got to thinking about how much I played and replayed the N64 version. It was just such a slick, speedy shooter that I totally clicked with. Flying through 180 degrees, then firing a salvo of missles in the middle of auto-correcting was exhilirating stuff.

I'd love a new iteration of this game to be made, or at least a revival of the style of gameplay. Obviously these days you'd have some frantic online multiplayer implemented, which sounds very appealing to me.

Man, I'm so firing up the N64 when I get home.

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That game was sweet WHEN IT CAME OUT...but a lot of people just didn't dig the fact that it was basically a rip-off of Descent.

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@jakob187: That never factored into it for me. Although I knew of Descent going into playing Forsaken, I'd never actually had a chance to play it beforehand.

Not liking Forsaken because of its similarity to Descent would be an ironic stance to take these days. When you consider the multitude of me-too FPS's and open world games, these two oldschool franchises stand apart in a small sub-genre of shooters.

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