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    Game » consists of 8 releases. Released Jul 25, 2017

    Originally a co-operative looter shooter from the studios behind Unreal Tournament and Gears of War, Fortnite became one of the most successful PvP "battle royale" games and later became its own platform for several types of games.

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    Very money hungry 0

    The said they will release save the world late 2018 it's mid-2019 and they still haven't released it and they still make you pay $40 for a supposed "free" game mode, they are almost as money hungry as EA, that's saying something big to fortnite is running off of microtransactions witch no game should rely on children begging their mom to buy them the latest "hip" fortnite skins....

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    An Incredibly Well Written Third Person Shooter MMO hiding in a Battle Royal Launcher 0

    Fortnite Save the World is surprisingly funny and well written with memorable characters that make me want to progress through the story. All of the mainline quests have fully voice acted lines; there's no cutscenes but they do talk before, after and during quest objectives. Events have fully voice acted dialog as well, with new characters and story elements that get me excited to come back. None of the microtransations have effected me in game with every item I use being granted through gift l...

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    Fort-no 0

    There is nothing original about this game, and, on top of that, it’s full of spoiled brats and annoying adults on the online servers. The developers have a tainted history of stealing other content, putting it in this game, and claiming it as their own.The fandom is toxic, and like I already said, nothing about this game is original....

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    Fortnite Chapter 2 - A bold new/old world 0

    I was a bit late to the party that was Fortnite but with the release of Fortine Chapter 2, I thought that maybe it was time to try my hand at it and... I think I kind of love it.Now let me state point blank that I am absolutely no expert on Battle Royal games. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried them all beginning with the old Battle Royal mode for Arma Three, but I never got the hang of things. Compared to other multiplayer games I used to play and love, like Quake Arena or Unreal Tourn...

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