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    Fortune City

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    The setting of Dead Rising 2 is a casino-filled city infested with undead.

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    Fortune City is a city in Nevada, and it is the setting of Dead Rising 2. It is not Las Vegas. This is known by the fact that Las Vegas is present in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero even after being infested by zombies and Tyrone King notes the difference between the two at the very beginning of Dead Rising 2 ("They've taken Willamette and Las Vegas...").

    Like many cities in Nevada, Fortune City is popular for its casinos. It has 4 main casinos, 3 malls, 1 food court, 1 hotel and 1 arena. It also has a secret underground research facility which is equipped with a safehouse and strip of its own.


    Fortune City Arena

    Fortune City Arena is where all the big sporting events happen in Fortune City. It has, of course, a big stadium along with gift shops, locker rooms and a green room. Fortune City Arena is where the outbreak first starts, as all the zombies who were partaking in "Terror Is Reality" where released.

    Americana Casino

    This casino is 100% American spirit. You can play any game you want, from slots to virtual poker. It a has a large, circular bar in the center. There are American themed electric guitars everywhere and a remix of Thunderstruck plays in the background. You can even ride a bull and buy fireworks!

    Royal Flush Plaza

    Mall with direct access to the safe house. This mall offers a variety of shops from sports to clothing. It also has a pawn shop and a pharmacy. You can buy a car and drive it around. You can even play a giant game of craps.

    Slot Ranch Casino

    This casino everything you need to gamble with poker tables and a wide variety of slot machines. It also has a truly American stage where performers can perform in between the torches of the Statue of Liberty.

    Food Court

    The Food Court is as the name says, a food court. It features many different restaurants from Italian to burgers.

    Yucatan Casino

    This casino has its own night club where you can party along with all the gambling you'll ever need.

    Palisades Mall

    This mall is about the same size as the Royal Flush Plaza. It spans two stories and has a grotto themed bar in the middle that's filled with water and strippers.

    Atlantica Casino

    This Atlantis themed casino has a giant Poseidon statue at the entrance and mermaids who need saving.

    Fortune City Hotel

    This hotel is the best (and only one) in town. It also features a helipad on the roof.

    South Plaza

    This mall is still in construction when the game unfolds.

    Uranus Zone

    This campy "50s science-fiction" themed amusement park contains rides, game booths, and zombies galore. It is only available in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.


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