Is Fortune Street fun with only 2 players?

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I've been looking for a game my gf and I could play. I've asked similar things like this in the past and actually ended up getting a few games my gf actually enjoyed and excelled at. None of the FPS or RTS games mind you. Things like Katamari and Recettear have worked out great for her. This series always interested me and I never expected a game to be released in the US. Always thought people would just think "Meh, Mario Party knockoff" and ignore it. Maybe they are ignoring it.

Anyways, has anyone played this game with only 2 players. Some reviews noted the AI is ok and a few basically said without humans, like any board-game, the game just isn't very fun. Its a game my gf could easily handle and to be honest she does get annoyed sometimes when I play games she cant really handle in front of her, so I thought why not try something I'm curious about with her. I only have one wiimote so we never play multiplayer wii games, but with pass and play, a game like this should be fine.

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No, probably not.

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Half the fun in board games has always been playing king maker for me, so probably not.

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