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    A member of Dead Cell in Metal Gear Solid 2, Fortune is also known as 'Lady Luck'. She has lived a sad life.

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    The daughter of Scott Dolph, the commandant of the marine corps, and wife of the founder of Dead Cell Colonel Jackson. She had a uneventful life until the murder of her father in the tanker (Seen in MGS 2) during the hijacking of Metal Gear Ray. A few months later her husband was accused and found guilty of mishandling government funds. He then committed suicide during his sentence, and her mother committed suicide not long after. Not being able to cope with the depression caused by the systematic loss of her family, she miscarried her unborn child who was three months old. She was informed that the person responsible for her father's death was none other than Solid Snake, and in a act of vengeance she joined the armed forces where she discovered she had a unnatural amount of "luck" on the battlefield. Her squad succeeded in every mission and she never suffered any injury. Due to her amazing ability, Fortune was dubbed "Lady Luck" by her comrades. In a short time, she was assigned to her husband's former unit "Dead Cell" and was welcomed by its members, including the rumored ex-lover of her father, Vamp, who later formed a close relationship with her. She was given the code name Fortune and quickly rose to leader status

    The Big Shell Incident

    Fortune was one of the Dead Cell members who survived its liquidation, and six months later, on April 29th, 2009, Dead Cell joined the 'Sons of Liberty' and assisted in taking over the Big Shell. Fortune confronted Raiden, mistaking his presence for that of Solid Snake (who had supposedly murdered her father). Disappointed, she fought Raiden anyway. After Raiden supposedly killed Vamp with a bullet to the head, Fortune thought the curse of her 'luck' had continued. Vamp, however, was still alive, and told her there was "no need for sorrow."


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