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So RPS have played through some of this and it sounds very promising indeed. I totally just jinxed it didn't I?

Amanda is an engineer, not a soldier. To reinforce that, not one of my brief 20 minutes spent tip-toeing through a jeopardised space station featured guns, bazookas, turrets, grenades OR superweapons capable of unimaginable, unknowable destruction. The only thing I had was a motion detector.

This clunky old reminder of what made the cinema space horror so intense was pretty much the star of the show for me. The Alien itself has been modelled and animated very well, complete with horrible Nosferatu creep-walk and saliva waterfall. However, not only is the analogue 1970s motion detector faithfully reproduced, it also appears to be the keystone of the entire game’s design.

You potter about trying to get from corridor to computer to control levers to airlock, all the while keeping watch for the double-mouthed monster. Early on in the demo I heard a beep to my left and spun around only to discover nothing – but soon afterwards there came a beeping spot ahead of me. It came on but I saw nothing ahead. It neared and neared along with the sound of the tracker (bleep… bleep bleep… bleep bleep bleep…BLEEPBLEEPBLEEPBLEEPBLEEP). Was the thing in the ceiling? The floor? The walls?? There was nothing I could do but leg it back down a steely corridor and lie still behind some boxes. Eventually the beeps disappeared and I worked up the courage to carry on. The game had succeeded in reproducing an iconic scene from the movies – and I had not even seen the beast yet.

The design is noticeably – and understandably – similar to Amnesia. Although CA have also been inspired by Thief, Condemned and “the first night in Minecraft,” says Al Hope, creative lead of the team. “There is not a sense that you are going to get a big locker and find a big gun that’s going to be the solution to all your problems.”

Full RPS Article

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Amanda is an engineer, not a soldier.

Dead Space: Xenomorph Edition.

Fucking do it.

Also I haven't read past this so don't blame me if the rest of the information says something completely different, or even exactly this.

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@believer258: I'd like it if the player characters single canned response to any NPC fetch quest nonsense was a grumpy "Goddamn it, Amanda is an engineer, not a soldier" - weird talking about herself in third person and everything.

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Im still skeptical after reading the linked leaks form earlier last year about a sh aliens game where later environments featured clones soldiers and weapons - all of which could be incorporated well into an amnesia type game, but easy after a long time of potentially repetitive hide and seek gameplay to devolve into corridor blast.

I've always wanted a focus one one alien type horror game - as much as i love aliens, the first film was very much one of the scariest thing younger me was exposed to, and made me prertty shit pants scared of anything xenomorph related for the rest of my young adult life (i couldnt play alien trilogy on the ps1 for long, and used to sleep with the blanket over my head because i was afraid of face huggers getting me in my sleep)

They pull this off and it will be the greatest horror game i hate to play. Here's hoping!

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Seems like today is some kind of news blitz on this. OR support possible and a Polygon article including short video of gameplay footage

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I have UNREALISTICALLY HIGH EXPECTATIONS for this game. There's no way in hell I can be disappointed by ANOTHER Aliens game.

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This sounds like it would be a perfect Oculus Rift game.

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Another article, this one is from the quite brilliant Cara Ellison:

You press to cut open the hatch so you can open the door. I glance at my own hands on the game controller. They are pale, long thin fingers, no nail polish, chewed nails. Amanda Ripley's hands too are like this. They look like my hands and they are cutting open a door. I am much more touched than I'd like. In fact, there's a real sense of relief. They are her hands. They look like my hands. This is an odd sensation. Perhaps the game has faith in my ability to survive this nightmare.

Something happens. Everything goes wrong. This wing is breaking apart; and now there's a green blip on the tracker. The alarms are going off, a fire alarm mixed with an air raid siren. It's closing on me. They tell me the key is to go slow: this is the risk and reward mechanism they know is against all human nature. They tell me it can't see me if I go slow. They tell me if it sees me it's lethal.

It's on my radar. It's far across the room. I don't want to look at it. It's tall, black by the shadows, it stalks the compartments of the space station slowly until it senses my movement. There is a locker over there on the right. I run to it and shut myself in. And I sit there, the lights flashing and the alarms picking at me and I bring up the motion tracker: it is half a metre away. A quarter. A centimetre.

Through the slits I can see its dainty shark teeth in the horrible silver grin, the shine of the lights on its elongated black skull. It's looking at me. I press to hold my breath. I pull back on the stick to lean away from the locker door. It's going to rip me out of here, I think. It's going to smash my skull back into my brain.

Full article on The Guardian site

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Amanda is an engineer, not a soldier.

Dead Space: Xenomorph Edition.


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I have UNREALISTICALLY HIGH EXPECTATIONS for this game. There's no way in hell I can be disappointed by ANOTHER Aliens game.

If you go in expecting the quality of the last Aliens game, you CAN'T be disappointed. I hope...

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You know, the alien itself just doesn't look scary, in any video game I've seen them in really. In the older AVP games they were scary because it's a thing that's fast and can take you out quick, which could be the case here. But just looking at the thing doesn't make me uneasy.

They're too clean or something. Basically we need a dirty faces mod ASAP when this comes out.

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@frobitz: Try not to copy & paste articles from other sites as new forum threads. This one has quite a few responses from the last several hours so it can stay open, but this type of thing is generally regarded as spam unless it is accompanied by some original thought or commentary from the poster. Otherwise, the forums will just turn into a giant link dump.


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@MB: Whoops, guess I should really read the site rules. Sorry about that.

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Okay, so I know they said that Aliens: Colonial Marines was given Ridley Scotts blessing, this one DEFINITELY got Ridley Scotts blessing. He said it's basically like playing the movie and that no one could make a truer sequel for the Alien franchise than Alien:Isolation.

That's pretty high praise if you ask me.

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That really does sound like Amnesia, not so much Condemned

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What I have seen seems promising, I give it that, but I have been disappointed of the two previous games with Aliens (Colonial Marines and AvP 3), so I can't, for the life of me, muster enough trust...

Two things in particular worry me:

  • How is the game going to result of the best/most interesting parts being about me locked with a single creature? I get the Amnesia reference, but I don't think it sustains a 60 $ game.
  • Much of the tension of the video revolves around scripted scares and me looking directly at particular objects (the Half Life effect). How scary can it be if I don't see at the things the game expect me to be watching.
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That really does sound like Amnesia, not so much Condemned

Maybe the later parts of the game feel a bit condemny. Maybe using improvised melee weapons against more humanoid enemies

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I wish this came out sooner.

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Sounds like the Alien game fans always wanted.

I really hope those earlier "shoot human clones" rumors are false.

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@cptbedlam: After hearing it's an 8 hour plus game, I'm having some trouble seeing how they can sustain interest with just one enemy. Seems pretty challenging from a dev perspective to give the player enough variety with those constraints. So yeah, wouldn't be at all surprised if there's some element of truth to those rumours. Hopefully not as naff as it sounds.