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And this is coming from someone who actually liked Duke Nukem Forever, another project that was in different hands before Gearbox.

I played this at my friend's house on the PC, which he was super excited to play. We played through the first two levels and we both think it's stinking bad:

1. It looks bad. Apparently it looked insanely different from the stage demo they had been showing. My guess is that they used graphics injectors to make everything look nice on the game built on an ancient (2006?) engine. Probably not stable enough for a proper release...


2. ... but it's still really glitchy. An alien on the ceiling we shot had its arm stuck on the ceiling, leaving his body dragging off it. Then there's a part when the marine got stuck at a doorway, forcing us to restart. There's one part where an alien runs out a door and I proceed to close that door. Then it comes out of no where and kills me from behind. Three bugs in the first level? Fuck this. Here are also some funny videos showcasing how bad the scripting is:



3. There's no atmosphere in the first two levels we played. There were laughable attempts at jumpscares (accompanied by weak audio trying to be dramatic). With the marine's fast movement speed it's just blitzing through hallways and hallways shooting whatever you see. It's so "action-packed" there's no room for actual tension to build. (Well was this brief moment when you are trapped in a room with your first Xeno and playing cat and mouse. It was pretty tense before turning into Gears of Bro Shooter.)

4. Most importantly, the "action" is pretty bad. It's hard to explain but it just doesn't feel satisfying to shoot Xenos in the face. Never been a fan of the Alien movies, so I don't really care about how the pulse rifle should sound, but I can tell you it feels weak. It feels like an SMG. To be fair, there is an assault rifle. But why would you use other guns when the pulse rifle is THE Alien gun?

If you have $60 to spend on a game that would satisfy all your "shoot aliens in a tight corridor in outer space" needs, Dead Space 3 is BY FAR the better game. If you are an Alien/Aliens fan who wants to finally get your hands on this game... well consider yourself warned.

(Giantbomb video embedding seems weird, not implemented properly.)

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Even Alien fans were tearing this game apart

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I can't remember the last time a game was this hilariously bad.

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I would love to know what the fuck is going on over at GearBox. First we had DNF and now this. It seems they are showing these games off earlier and looking and playing way worse in the final game. Looking at the video from VideoGamerTV, it's like a completely different game. There's just so much atmosphere to it and it looks really interesting and the final game just does away with all of it with and just looks completely bland. The game is horribly broken, especially on the Xbox where it is sub HD has bad textures and also has a bunch of screen tearing. I want this game to flop hard because this kind of bait and switch is complete bullshit but I don't see that happening from the huge banner on Steam although now it's been relegated to somewhere in the middle but is still top for best sellers and my friends have been talking about it on Facebook. TotalBuscuit even put out a video on the subject of pre-orders due to this game.

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I saw this earlier, and it's a fucking sham. The difference between the "work in progress" and the final product is ridiculous, especially the dynamic lighting that somehow disappeared.

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I agree it's ridiculous that Gearbox was perfectly aware this is a rushed piece of hot doodoo. DNF was almost finished and Gearbox merely picked up the pieces, but in this case, they were in charge of the development for FOUR FUCKING YEARS (started 2006) before handing it off to TimeGate so they could be off to work on Borderlands 2. TimeGate then proceeded to trash all 4 years of their work and ended up with a subpar single player game. Gearbox had to pick it back up and rush it before SEGA sues them for wasting 6 years of development time.

Gearbox is a triple A game dev in my book. Can't believe they are killing their rep like this. Should have not spend time on making Borderlands 2 until they could crank this out, but even then, 4 years into development and going no where is not a good sign. Guys at TimeGate merely had to do their job.

Do give this a read: http://kotaku.com/5984068/how-aliens-colonial-marines-fell-apart

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This summed it up for me quite nicely:

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So weird to hear the talk about respect in there. Total fail.

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I don't even actually like Aliens, although that could be that I saw the director's cut which Drew even said he didn't like but he really likes Aliens but regardless, this game clearly should've just been scrapped. The defenders are what's even worse about it though. I've seen post on Steam defending this game and trash talking people who are against it citing that they must work for a rival game company (yes, I'm serious). It just boggles my mind that people will accept something of such low quality. Even the video that @funkydupe posted shows numerous bugs and during the stealth section, his co-op buddy is floating in the air and the aliens themselves look like they've got something shoved up their butt making it difficult to walk. And the fact that Max points out how CoD this game is and let's face it, he knows CoD very well, takes away any credibility they were trying to make about respect and being true to the source material.

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What about that their Demo gameplay was NOT IN THE GAME AT ALL. Along with nearly 90% of their other gameplay stuff?

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@mrcraggle: It's highly likely that some of the people who like this game never encountered most of those bugs and glitches, and the ones they did encounter were stuff that didn't bother them all that much.