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My friend and I have been heavily addicted to New Leaf lately. However, I'm getting "Kicks" today and I'm disappointed I'll still have to wait another 10 days for Shampoodl's.

It'll be great if a fellow GB duder can allow my friend and I to get new hair styles :P

We can offer fruits, bells, and our affection.

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How many stacks of mangoes you got? Also if the deal was to go down could we make the exchange behind the T&T Mart?

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@i_stay_puft: My friend has unfortunately missed out and her haircut. So we are prepare to offer you, 9 mangoes. The location of the deal can be wherever you desire. As a added bonus, I can provide you with flowers. Bootleg flowers, imported from Brazil. Top of the line flowers, man.

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@sexytoad: I wouldn't mind opening my gate for a little while.

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@wemibelec90: @i_stay_puft:

And never mind!

@Sergio: was nice enough to let us in.

Although, I guess we wouldn't mind just visiting more developed towns than ours.

And for everyone else. Feel free to use this thread to find friendly duders who can get your hair all done :p.