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Posted by I_Stay_Puft (5568 posts) 3 years, 7 months ago

Poll: Did you save Mr. Resetti from unemployment? (36 votes)

Yes, I felt bad for him. 47%
Yes, but I wish I hadn't. 6%
No, dude can rot in hell. 25%
No, don't have enough money yet. 22%

Kind of wondering what you guys did with the whole Mr. Resetti situation. He looked pretty sad the first time you don't save but I felt inclined to help a brother out even though in the past games he's been kinda a dick. I've been through some hard times before so I thought something like this would result in a totally new Mr. Resetti. I recently saved up and built the Resetti Service Center and I can't believe I saved up 360,000 for a manhole cover. Also Resetti is an ungrateful bastard, I just saved his job and not a sight of praise for the hardwork put into raising the money for him. Screw you Mr. Resetti.

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As soon as I make bank on this new batch of turnips I will! I really have nothing else cool to build right now.

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Equal rights for moles, yo.

Also, every once in a while in the late evening, the manhole cover will be open and you can visit the underground Fortress of Moleitude.

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It was actually the first public works project I did.

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I met his brother last night. He is also a dick.