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An Incomplete Japanese cast for Mass Effect “Shepard vs. Reapers” Trilogy

Chapter Two Dirty Dozen in SPACE

Verse Three The Remaining Half Dozen and a couple of their descendants

The following piece is about the rest of squad members of Mass Effect 2. I nicknamed the whole lot Dirty Dozen in space, the previously mentioned ones among them being the returning aliens (Garrus and Tali), the Cerberus agents (Miranda and Jacob) and DLC (Zassead and Kasumi). The remaining six should be more interesting, at least than the nothing bergers one had to pay for bakc in the days.

Fast talk smart ass

Jun Fukuyama as Mordin Solus

When trying to define the type of power fantasy Mass Effect trilogy offers, I would call it “feeling like the apex predator”. Whether you stand on the high horse of Paragon to tell someone to stop their shit or just fuck some shit up on the path of Renegade. It’s a trend best reflected by the salarian squad member, the getting-there-firstest-the-fastest scientist Mordin Solus, and the voice behind the titular hero in Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, Jun Fukuyama.

Mr. Fukuyama with the stardom he enjoys now, of course is one with range. Fast-talking is within that range with the most recent being the asshole robot in the century spreading sci-fi “epic” Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song. It’s also the kind of “Sorry you are not following my smartness” asshole like fast talk, so I think the boy who shits his pants in Guns of Patriots can do some patronizing of his own.

Right back at you, Steve Blum

Kazuya Nakai as Grunt

Kazuya Nakai is probably most famous for his part as Zorro in One Piece. Yours truly mostly know him as the stick-up-his-ass kind of cop Tsujikata in Gintama. Not for no particular reason at all, Steve Blum was usually cast to dub him in the mid to late aughts.

Especially considering that the two cases of Blum dubbing Nakai are quite the polar opposites to each other. One being the rude and unorthodox samurai in anime series Samurai Champloo. The other one being the noble “rat king” style representative of a labor union in video game 2008’s Valkyria Chronicles. Perhaps with the range of those actors, being the simply hotheaded korgan squad member Grunt can be something met in the middle.

Subject Zero Two

Haruka Tomatsu as Jack

Speak of polar opposites, that is how yours truly see Jack and Miranda Lawson. Their argument about Cerberus did or did not do certain things almost sounds like a married couple arguing about their kid. So for Jack, I present to you someone who had played the loud one to Kana Hanazawa’s(Miranda) quiet one in several occasions I know, Haruka Tomatsu.

The subtitle is referred to Ms. Tomatsu’s character in Darling in the Franxxx, where every cast members involved deserve better. Anyway, Haruka Tomatsu was someone rising to fame in what can now be seen as the Tsuntera boom, when “actually” is said before something should be taken at the opposite direction. With Jack ended up being a big soft Tsuntera instead of Yantera one except out of the homicidal maniac, Ms. Tomatsu can play this one convincingly.

An assassin’s creed and shithead of a son

Rikiya Koyama as Thane Krios

Noriaki Sugiyama as Kolyat Krios

Okay, from one lady added because of her recent involvement in a Type-Moon project to a couple of men added because of their decade long collaboration with Type-Moon. Rikiya Koyama did not show up on the radar until the gun totting wizard killer Kiritsuku Emiya in Fate Zero, even though the man had enjoyed a career dubbing Kiefer Sutherland. Noriaki Sugiyama played the killer’s adopted son Shiro Emiya in the “sequel” Fate Stay Night. Apparently Mr. Sugiyama also played this Sasuke character in Naruto people keep referring to.

Anyway, yours truly binged through the first half of Fate Zero anime on the New Year eve of 2012 and Kiritsuku just made them go “This motherfucker sure sounds a lot in Thane in Mass Effect 2”. Both kitted out wizardry with sniper rifle, both believe that they can kill their way into a better world. Both are assassins with er, creed.

Then there are the two killers’ sons, both following his father’s bloody path and neither follows through. While Shiro has his love interests to thank for while his daddy bit it years before his story started, Kolyat was stopped by Thane and a human dead commando.

Either way, the 2 men actually never played this father-son combo on screen for Type-Moon, so maybe they can do it for Bioware.

The Boss and her sicko daughter

Kikuko Inoue as Samara and Morinth

Time to introduce Hideo Kojima’s best pal among voice actors. Kikuko Inoue is someone very close in age to that snake oil salesman, thus the two share a lot in terms of pop culture they know, including but not limited to the Biotic Woman. Ms. Inoue is also in every piece branded “A Hideo Kojima Game” so far with the exception of 1998’s Metal Gear Solid and potentially Death Stranding 2. I would argue that her range is something Kojima used more fully than other of his frequent collaborators, after all she was the Boss in MGS3 before she was Sunny in MGS4.

Speak of the Boss, even though Lori Alan is not in any of the Mass Effect, the asari badass Samara is someone strongly reminds yours truly of MGS’s final boss. I think Ms. Inoue can play her easily but that’s not all. Around the time Mass Effect 2 came out, Inoue played a villain called Lust, a lady with big tits, in Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, who is just like Morinth. Double casting here is pretty much required.

We are Legion, we are Sora

Miyu Irino as Legion

Miyu Irino’s casting usually is a sign of prestige. He was in Academy Award winning Spirited Away as a teenager after all. To yours truly, he has the so-called star power to pull one from modern Hollywood blockbusters. In 2 separate occasions, I had chosen to see an animated flick starring Mr. Irino instead of the Hollywood one on at the same time. One time was September, 2017 when A Silent Voice and Spider-man Homecoming were on. Another time was February, 2019, when Maquia and Alita Battle Angel were on. But Sora in Kingdom Hearts is somewhat of a low point for him.

Mr. Irino played a robot named Higgins in Beatless, somewhat an evil mastermind in that story. That tin can looked at Asimov’s first rule of robotic and went “I don’t even know what ‘safety’ for meat bags is”. They are pretty much a parent to Ms, Toyama(EDI) character Lacia in Beatless. So I guess with EDI naming the geth platform Legion(A scene probably stolen from the 1996 Japanese summer blockbuster Gamera 2 Advert of Legion by the way) in Mass Effect 2, the reverse of roles is too funny not to include here.

(To be concluded in Space warriors’ final fantasies)