Fast Time at Windy Valley High Part 2 of 2

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Mapping Fire Emblem Three Houses cast members upon Naussica cast of characters

Part 2 those remain in print only

On one episode of History On Fire podcast episode with guests, host Daniele Bolelli said “Most people are not evil. Most people are weak. And weakness is fertile ground where evil can thrive.” It’s a line that would summarize the 1984 film titled Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind well but not necessarily apply to the graphic novel with the same name ran from 1982 to 1994. The book is good versus evil in the form of super hero versus super villain. The unusual strong-willed people against the unusual truly evil people wielding superhuman power to be more precious. So nothing is more suitable to begin this chapter than villains who did not make the cut into the film.

1 Another way out of Hades

Makoto Furukawa as Miralupa

(Mr. Furukawa played Sylvain, the cool guy womanizer in Fire Emblem Three Houses)

Miralupa does not appear in the graphic novel until page 116 of volume 2 and way beyond where the film ends. This seemingly magic wielding evil emperor is a sign of escalation for the story, where the comic book starts in more than one way.

Yours truly chose Fire Emblem Three Houses cast member Makoto Furukawa for 2 reasons, one long and one short. The short of it is that Mr. Furukawa simply sounds like Tatsuhisa Suzuki, the NieR Automata cast member suitable for this role. The long of it is of course more complicated.

Yours truly also think that Mr. Furukawa would make a wonderful Zagreus in Supergiant’s Hades and the way Nausicaa neutralizes this one as threat can be described as “Hades, but a walking sim”. Both end in what seems to be hell, Nausicaa sees Miralupa as the pathetic old man he is and decides to lead him to some place better. Then they walk to somewhere like heaven while Nausicaa wakes up in the real world while Miralupa enjoys a moment of joy before perish. With Makoto Furukawa being in one episode of Jojo Stone Ocean as a villain, maybe he can have longer staying power in another comic adaption.

2the worse one between two

Kaito Ishikawa as Namalith

(Mr. Ishikawa played Dimitri, the vengeful future king in Fire Emblem Three Houses)

Unlike his brother Miralupa, Dorok co-emperor Namalith meets a gruesome fate fitting for a villain as he is. He is the first one Nausicaa nuked on command without she realizing it. Three Houses cast member Kaito Ishikawa is suitable for this part for 2 reasons, his involvement in Three Houses included.

The blonde boar Dimitri can be seen as somewhat of an edge lord in Three Houses and the penultimate boss of Empire campaign. Calling Edelgard her childhood nick name before getting slain by her sure earned a “This motherfucker” from yours truly back in the dog days of summer in 2019. Guess Ms. Kakuma and him can go and play another game of thrones as Kushana and Namalith here.

Of course the lead I had buried is that Mr. Ishikawa played the titular lead in the infamous Rise of the Shield Hero, a show I had not checked out but slaver power fantasy is not up my alley. Either this actor sounds like someone very suitable for comic book super villain.

3 Given up vengeance for peace

Shizuka Ishigami as Ketcha

(Ms Ishigami played Petra, arguably the best girl in Fire Emblem Three Houses)

I had said that this blog is partly inspired by watching Arknights Prelude to Dawn, but this is the second and last cast choice directly inspired by that show. Three Houses cast member Shizuka Ishigami played a cop with heart of gold named Chen in Arknights, who switch between “I am managing my anger” and “To hell with angry management”. This is the swing Nausicaa character, a Dorok interpreter named Ketcha manage consistently as well.

Ketcha is a character not in the movie simply because her country Dorok was cut out of the movie. In the book, she is main side character in the chapters where bad ass Yupa provides point of view. She is also a love interest of Asbel instead of Nausicaa being fitted into that role like in the movie. Anyway, Ms. Ishigami is fit for character would give up something personally for the greater good.

4 Im little and I know things

Aoi Yuki as Chikuku

(Ms Yuki played Lysithea, the little Miss Know-it-all of Golden Deer in Fire Emblem Three Houses. And yes, as a NieR Automat cast member, she is more fitting to play Nausicaa or Kushana.)

Here is someone who does not need farther introduction, good old uncle Pascal in NieR Automata voiced by Aoi Yuki.

No Caption Provided

I had something going in my mind about how Ms. Yuki being the Megumi Hayashibara among millennials, How she is the example of someone who staying in the game for the variety of her performances. Then when searching for images, I just found out that Pascal’s mug is just Chikuku’s mask with upside down.

The cover of graphic novel volume 4. The masked little guy under Nausicaa is Chikuku. While this is for the original Japanese version, Viz Media’s read-from-right-to-left seven volumes used the same art.
The cover of graphic novel volume 4. The masked little guy under Nausicaa is Chikuku. While this is for the original Japanese version, Viz Media’s read-from-right-to-left seven volumes used the same art.

To Sqaure Enix, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind sure is a gift keeps on giving. Anyway bookworm Pascal is nothing less than a little boy knows the old way, I believe Ms. Yuki can handle this role rather easily.

5 Way of the wild

Yusuke Kobayashi as Selm

(Mr. Kobayashi was credited to play the male player avatar in Fire Emblem Three Houses. No, I refuse to use their “official” name here since naming is the only truly customizable part.)

People adapting to wasteland while not harming others too much is an archetype lots of post-apocalypse fiction intentionally ignore, boiler plate zombie stories being the worst offenders. People of Forest in Nausicaa graphic novel is such a group and their leader, a seemingly young man named Selm plays a critical role in the latter part of that story.

For this part yours truly choose the voice behind Three Houses’ male player avatar Yusuke Kobayashi. But the reason for this is Mr. Kobayashi’s involvement in a more recent Switch port, Witch On the Holy Night. Sojuro, his role there, is a boy living on mountains for all his life before moved to the city, quite fitting for Slem, a person of the forest to share their wisdom regarding crisis on a wasteland.

6 Camping buddy’s childhood friend

Yumiri Hanamori as Ceraine

(Ms. Hanamori played Mercedes, the oldest student in Fire Emblem Three Houses)

Ceraine is aforementioned Selm’s sister and her part in Nausicaa puts bit into bit player. It only takes up 5 panels, but one would say it’s a pivotal part. Page 82 of volume 5 is somewhat a “natural” end point for a posy-apocalypse story, the person readers root for outruns a calamity, find a peaceful corner of the world and prepare to perish there. Then the People of Forest come, leave a girl to help her a bit and remind her of the bigger fish she needs to fry. That girl is named Ceraine.

For this part, yours truly chose Ms. Kurozawa’s Laid-back Camp co-star Yumiri Hanamori. Ms. Hanamori played the female lead Nadeshiko of that likely first new show mentioned on the Bombcast, while Ms. Kurozawa played her childhood friend Aya. With the two young actors not sharing much screen time on either Three Houses and Laid-back Camp, maybe the short yet pivotal time in Nausicaa can make up for it.

7Two would listen, one would act

Takehito Koyasu as Charuka

(Mr. Koyasu played Seteth, a church cop in Fire Emblem Three Houses)

It would be fair to say that if Tamoor had not name dropped Takehito Koyasu on a giantbomb podcast, yours truly would not have put up any of this fantasy booking blog. It just happens that Mr. Koyasu’s character Three Houses Seteth is just like Charuka in Nausicaa graphic novel, minus some action.

Both men command trooper doing the biding of a church and both have some thoughts regarding how their respective church operates. Though the farthest Seteth goes in Three Houses is walking away in the Empire campaign, while Charuka risks stoning for preaching Nausicaa’s way instead. Mr. Koyasu had voiced men who would act throughout his career, he would be home doing Charuka.

8 Triple Casting

Kikuko Inoue as a God Warrior named Ohma, the Master of Garden and the Master of Crypt

(Ms. Inoue was credited to play “Rhea/Seiros”, the final boss for Empire and Church campaigns in Fire Emblem Three Houses)

Three Houses cast member Kikuko Inoue is mainly known among video game consumers as “Hideo Kojima’s favorite”. The two went way back to Policenauts. Since 2008’s Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots, Ms. Inoue always got double casting in those “Hideo Kojima Games”. Usually due to the fact that she would play someone new plus a returning character to the sequel. Though here, yours truly just think she is fitting for all 3 bio mess characters in the seventh and final volume of the graphic novel.

First there is the walking nuclear weapon, Ohma, who calls Nausicaa “little mother”. In Three Houses Inoue as Rhea keeps calling Kurozawa as Sotith “mother”. Guess this one the dynamic can play in the open and linear form.

Second one would be the Master of Garden, a keeper of human culture who would human as their prisoner and labor as librarian. Inoue’s ability of switching from warming to menacing is key to this role.

Finally, there is the ultimate evil in Nausicaa, the Master of Crypt, a keeper of technology and just waiting for the old world to rise again. Rhea in her white dragon is the final boss for 2 campaign, so with some voice processing Inoue can be a menacing final boss for a new form of a stone-cold classic.

(The End, thanks for reading.)