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#1 Posted by BoFooQ (1110 posts) -

After EA press conference I am not interested in anthem any more. I wasn't over excited before cause there was nothing really to get excited about. I think it looks too much like destiny to me, which isn't a good thing. Its 4 didn't play classes each probably has two subclasses. You can get different skins for your armor too, wow big surprise, clearly EA has to cut micro transactions from most of their stuff, which is good. I like games were numbers pop out of guys heads (borderlands) but something about the short clip of actual game play looked too clustered. Nothing about game play made me think I need to play this; there seemed to be alot of killing fotter enemies. The background and stages looked great, player characters looked good, all enemies I saw looked like tiny trash. The biggest shock to me was that this is due out in February. I currently have no plans on getting this, but who knows maybe things will change. However if you're going to look this much like destiny you better say we have pin point shooting mechanics, the best part of destiny.

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#2 Posted by KittenTactics (102 posts) -

As someone who has loved every BioWare game I've played, including Dragon Age II and Mass Effect Andromeda - Anthem does absolutely nothing for me.

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#3 Posted by Barrock (4123 posts) -

This simply isn't what I want out of a Bioware game. I find it fairly uninteresting, and after Destiny 2 I have no desire to play a game that appears to be attempting to emulate Destiny.

Felt that EA's press conference was pretty poor overall.

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#4 Edited by JunkerWoland (92 posts) -

Besides not being excited by what was shown, if I was hypothetically unaware of the game and someone asked me to watch a random video of gameplay, I wouldn't have thought it was a Bioware title. Given what is known, I currently have no interest in the game, which isn't to say my mind can't be changed.

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#5 Edited by Deathstriker (1156 posts) -

I thought it looked pretty good. It's "one of those games" but I don't think any of them (Borderlands, Warframe, Destiny, or Division) are very good. The subgenre could be good but they always mess up. Anthem could be better than them. I'll wait and see.

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#6 Edited by BabyChooChoo (7092 posts) -

A friend came over a few days ago and somehow the topic of Anthem came up. Long story short, after much thought, what will probably be my biggest problem with Anthem is my biggest problem with Destiny and it's the reason I love Warframe and Monster Hunter World so much: options.

Anthem is following Destiny's approach when it comes to a handful of classes and while there will still be some customization within those classes, it's still looks like a drop in the bucket compared to Warframe or even Monster Hunter. Both those games offer way more "classes" and a ton of ways to customize each to your specific playstyle, so I look at Anthem and just shrug.

Don't get me wrong, I think it looks like a fine game, but for me personally, if you're gonna tout the whole "play the way you want" spiel, then you better give me a lot more options. Customization is a big deal for me and just based on the little bit we've seen, it looks extremely lacking in that area.

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#7 Posted by breq (107 posts) -

Has there been public leaks about it being a clusterfuck? Jeff at the start of the press conference made it seem like it was industry known that it was/is half-baked.

Either way, I'm already a Destiny masochist, so I'm not looking for anything similar. Doubly so that Bioware is known for story, and story IS NOT what I want from a loot-shooter.

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#8 Posted by Solh0und (2170 posts) -

I'm hoping there will be more to it than what is shown. I get that the game isn't officially done but I get where many feel down it but that was pretty much the stance of many before The Division was released. We'll see how it turns out.

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#9 Posted by deckard (353 posts) -

After the reveal last year I (like many others) were like “Oh , it’s just Destiny.” But after this presentation it seems like EA is messaging “ no really, it’s JUST DESTINY you guys.” Not holding my breath for this one.

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#10 Posted by JunkerWoland (92 posts) -
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#11 Posted by BoFooQ (1110 posts) -

I love bioware stories like dragon age and mass effect too. It seems odd there is no footage of dialog wheel or people talking somehow. Instead you have voice in your head, like ghost from destiny, telling you what to do next. Nothing about this would lead me to believe there are branching paths or decisions to be made. Choice and consequences are what made those other series great. I really hope Gb crew gets to play this and its not just video demo.

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#12 Posted by TheHT (15833 posts) -

I don't think it was a very effective demo. The way it jumping around a lot (and I don't mean between characters) reduced the experience down to "fly here, kill stuff, fly there, kill stuff." Javelin skills, weapons, mobility, I don't think much of that was highlighted in any interesting way. Most they had was a little combo stuff which looked good and the occasional bit of vertigo from stuff like the wyverns being shot by the turret, but the whole thing was so choppy it all came off more as noise than exciting gameplay.

Watch it the thought did cross my mind that it'd be neat if this had a Monster Hunter element to it, where instead of just mowing down hordes of little enemies the focus was on working together to bring down huge uniquely crafted bosses. Then the moment they get to a boss and I figure we'll get a solid and slowed-down display of everyone working together they do the monster-lunge-fade-to-black thing.

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#13 Edited by ThePanzini (727 posts) -

Probably the best/worse thing I can say about Anthem is it looks fine, definitely not convinced Anthem will have a compelling story at all they barely mentioned any of the antagonists. Not sure why they didn't show the mission start to finish with loot pickup and map/ui stuff, atm its hard picturing myself playing. Keen to see Anthem's moment to moment loop and overall structure, we didn't really learn anything new.

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#14 Posted by Atwa (1690 posts) -

I always played Bioware games for the stories, and as much as they want to keep talking about storytelling the vehicle that Anthem presents to tell stories just sucks. It also clearly isn't the focus.

Though after Andromeda maybe it's best that Bioware don't try to tell stories anymore.

That said, judging the game by itself it just feels kinda dull. It does not stand out at all, the characters look very generic and while some of the enviorments look cool I just don't feel that much seems very interesting either. Destiny does a much better job so far in setting it in a unique sci-fi settings. Large parts of Anthem looked like it could be set on earth.

Also I kind of don't like the flying aspect as it seems you will just fly over most of the enviorments rather than exploring them. I can see your team just flying over everything straight to the objectives.

I did like the underwater aspects and some of the concept art was intrigueing. I am pretty sure the game is not for me though, which is a shame as I used to love Bioware.

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#15 Posted by frytup (1286 posts) -

I'll keep an open(ish) mind, but it's hard to shake the feeling that EA has simply decided they can't make as much money as they would like on single player games anymore, so Bioware's focus has shifted to... this. Great if you're into multiplayer shooters, but not for me.

We've been told that another Dragon Age is in the works and Mark Darrah has sworn up and down that it's story and character focused. It will really be telling to see what that turns into.

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#16 Posted by nicksmi56 (835 posts) -

R.I.P. Bioware. This looks and sounds like a Destiny rip-off, and I've never been into Destiny even when it was first announced.

From the makers of one of my favorite games of all time to this....sigh.

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#17 Posted by uhtaree (950 posts) -

I don't play Destiny but I admire the sleek, stark look of it. Anthem just looks like somebody dumped a garbage can on the screen.

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#18 Posted by BigBoss1911 (2934 posts) -

Of course this just turned into another Destiny inspired, loot game shit fest. Last year's E3 trailer looked so promising too. Not too mention the visuals have already been downgraded quite a bit.....

The state of the AAA gaming industry is just depressing at this point.

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#19 Edited by 49th (3895 posts) -

I think it looks cool. I like that it's classed-based and I'm a big fan of mech suits shooting huge shoulder mounted rockets. It looks like a mixture between Destiny, EDF, Monster Hunter and Lost Planet which is a combination I like the sound of. I've always been interested in Destiny, although certain aspects of it have put me off, but if they can structure the game better I'm definitely interested enough to play it. I'm also someone who hasn't played a Bioware game before and doesn't care about single player story games though.

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#20 Posted by BoFooQ (1110 posts) -

I'm very bored today and since anthem is the biggest game of E3 so far I've beeen looking for as much info as possible. Game informer has a bunch of stuff on it. Some things I've learned are, your base is single player, no one else will come there with you. So whatever choice there is in story that will be reflected in your base but you will be the only one who see it. Sounds like grouping up will not be that big of a problem and will not be limited much either. There is an opt in option if you are low level playing with someone higher up and so any story spoilers there could be is on you. There is also free play zone, I hate to compare everything to destiny but think patrol area, where you can random stroll around and kill stuff. This is also talked about has place you go to while your other party members go to their base, since you can't go with them. It's unclear how mission completion will count to different players. Yes, anyone can join your game but that mean you will get credit for doing mission, probably just XP and loot. I have not seen much loot yet either.

Also no guns work underwater.

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#21 Posted by Cerberus3Dog (1025 posts) -

I thought it looked pretty good. It's "one of those games" but I don't think any of them (Borderlands, Warframe, Destiny, or Division) are very good. The subgenre could be good but they always mess up. Anthem could be better than them. I'll wait and see.

That's a good mentality to have for Anthem I think. Nobody has hit it out of the park with the faux MMO loot shooter subgenre yet, maybe Anthem will.

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#22 Posted by burncoat (558 posts) -

No romance story options means it's an immediate and severe downgrade and I will never budge on this.

Might as well retire the Bioware name at this point

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#23 Posted by JeremyF (352 posts) -

It will probably be "fine" but not at the level fans want (or the company needs). People are really looking for story from Bioware, and the story feels totally generic. Vague evil force that is corrupting the world, allowing for thousands of enemies to mow through and multiple underwhelming expansions.

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#24 Edited by BoOzak (2570 posts) -

I think if this wasnt a Bioware game people would be less down on it (myself included) it looks like a fun, shallow, loot shooter. Which is fine. But you would hope for more from them.

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#25 Posted by youeightit (232 posts) -

I agree with everyone that this game looks thoroughly mediocre. But anybody wanna take a stab at when it will actually come out? When they said February I was like “oh you must mean October.”

Given what we saw today, I bet it only partially rolls out in October, too.

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#26 Edited by Ares42 (4339 posts) -

The game looks to potential be good for what it is. The biggest problem is that they're not really talking about what it is as a game. It's the same problem Division had. These games live or die by loot systems, boss design etc etc, all the gamey stuff. When you have a game designed to last for hours and hours and hours the number one issue eventually becomes "does it deliver a fun and satisfying gameplay experience". And as with Division, all they're showing is "here you are shooting some dudes". Instead of a deep dive into how it was like to make the game they needed a deep dive into how levelling works and showing off some boss mechanics.

It just seems like they're struggling with adapting from doing campaign driven experiences to a gameplay driven experience. And it shows in the demos as well. Last year they did the fake chatter thing, and this year they filled the silence with some really subpar music. They needed to talk over the video, explain what's happening and show off how things work.

In the end it seems like it'll just be yet another game like this where you have to go in half-blind and spend 20 hours to figure out if they actually made a decent game or not. Although it seems like they might be satisfied with just hyping it up like crazy and snatching those $60 before you figure out.

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#27 Posted by soulcake (2745 posts) -

This looks like if Warframe and ironman had a AAA baby. But yeah except 30% of the full game at launch :D.

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#28 Posted by Sarnecki (1353 posts) -

You know, we have Destiny 1 and 2, we have a pretty good The Division, we have Borderlands three times over. We have Mass Effect four times over. We have Warframe.

Anthem is pretty cool, but MAAAAAN it suffers from diminishing returns syndrome right out of the gate BIG time. There's not a single thing in Anthem that looks unique and new in a way that blows my hair back. I was hoping for maybe a fantasy shooter like what original Destiny was going to be? Just for SOME unique hook at all... Instead it's just such a collection of shit we already have.

I don't WANT the... 5th? 6th iteration of this type of game? We don't need that. We needed something BIOWARE. A story based experience with the amazing LORE of a Dragon Age Origins. A UNIQUE setting that doesn't remind me of Mass Effect or other games. I'm not excited for Anthem and I don't see myself becoming excited.

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#29 Posted by Acura_Max (757 posts) -

I agree with everyone that this game looks thoroughly mediocre. But anybody wanna take a stab at when it will actually come out? When they said February I was like “oh you must mean October.”

Given what we saw today, I bet it only partially rolls out in October, too.

Not even a day after e3 and it looks like you're right.


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#30 Posted by PenguinDust (13086 posts) -

I don't have high hopes for the return of the story driven Bioware of days past, but that doesn't mean I'll dismiss Anthem, either. I am a fan of the mindless shooters like Destiny and Borderlands. I tried the Division when it came out, but didn't like the feel of the shooting, so if Bioware gets that right with some fun weapons and settings, I'll be along for the ride for couple of months. I'm not asking for the days of old, just keep me entertained for a bit blowing stuff up and leveling my gear...in single player.

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#31 Posted by BaneFireLord (3564 posts) -

I agree with everyone that this game looks thoroughly mediocre. But anybody wanna take a stab at when it will actually come out? When they said February I was like “oh you must mean October.”

Given what we saw today, I bet it only partially rolls out in October, too.

I would not be at all surprised if it launched in 2020.

I've got a lot of issues with Anthem, but I think my biggest concern is the aesthetic they're going with. It just looks so half-assed and derivative of Destiny and Warframe. I'm not inherently against the idea of Bioware making a Destiny-like from a mechanics perspective, but going with a barely indistinguishable science fantasy cloaks-n-guns-n-robots thing just bores me. At least The Division did something radically different with the setting even if the core gameplay loop wasn't much different.

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#32 Posted by Nodima (2598 posts) -

Huh, weird. I watched this game last year and thought, "wow, that looks like the critical departure I was really hoping Destiny 2 would represent from Destiny 1" with a huge dose of wild open world and flight and whatnot. I watched it this year and thought, "damn, they're really making these huge spaces you can fly around and shoot stuff in with cool weapons and armor." The presentation wasn't perfect but, as someone who really, really regrets spending $100 on Destiny 2 just because I figured I'd get at least as much time out of it as I did the first Destiny, I watched that Anthem footage and constantly thought, "I want that. Now."

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#33 Posted by nutter (2103 posts) -

Color me wait and see...

Looks okay. I’m largely immune to video game hype, though.

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#34 Edited by Deathstriker (1156 posts) -

@acura_max: Destiny's pvp was always lame and felt out of place to me. Anthem focusing on the campaign and co-op is fine with me. All of these types of games are pve focused.

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#35 Edited by BrunoTheThird (827 posts) -

Seems like a neat podcast game, but what is the hook? Finding these remnants from the anthem of creation and waking them up silencing them? For what purpose?

The lesser enemies seem a bit . . . tame, which is one of my biggest pet peeves with this genre. We need more lower-tier foes with unique patterns that don't let you just unload on them. One of the only good things about Gears 4 is how many of its enemies don't allow you to lazily hold RT; you're constantly adapting your playstyle to be an effective soldier, even with the weakest creatures in the game.

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#36 Posted by chaser324 (8650 posts) -

So much of it seems like a carbon copy of Destiny that it hurts. It's even worse when you consider it in the context of Bioware's former glory.

It could still end up being a decent game, but I'm not going to be marking the released date on my calendar.

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#37 Edited by Whitestripes09 (918 posts) -

Yeah... I'm honestly pretty disappointed compared to how I felt during the reveal from last year. I was mildly curious about a new IP from Bioware and the new world looked interesting, but this new coverage doesn't expand on anything except revealing that there's a class system ripped straight from Destiny, which is boring.

I mean, if we have power armor, I was hoping we would get like a base suit that was modular and we would be able to "craft" modifications that would establish the role we would play. This would give solo players an edge to be multi-purpose and also give parties what they want by making suits that are specialized into roles. Instead... we're forced into these established roles that are archaic.

There are some things that I really do like. The weapons and abilities all look impactful and satisfying to use. I like how aesthetically different all the Javelins look. Some feel more slapped together than others and that look is awesome. The verticality of the world is beautiful to see. I love the scene of them just diving into the water and flying by the tower with all the turrets. Really, aesthetically this game looks pretty cool. The only issue I saw was that the enemy design (and story for that matter...) seemed painfully generic compared to the spectacle of everything else.

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#38 Posted by Cerberus3Dog (1025 posts) -

I think I just realized we saw less of Anthem this E3 during their press conference than we did last year. Last year, we had that whole 10 minute gameplay demo. Here we got a handful of short looped snippets of gameplay. I really would have liked to see more, now that I'm thinking about it.

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#39 Posted by Rejizzle (1102 posts) -

They harped on storytelling a bit in the interview segment, then proceeded to show none of that. I understand the need to end your conference with a flashy demo or trailer, but those two segments did not mesh at all, and it would've helped even putting them in the reverse order.

I like the design, I like the world, I like the speed at which you seem to move through the world using fancy jetpacks, and I like that the objective of the demo doesn't seem to be just get your ghost Owen to a terminal and fight a wave of enemies. However, I think a lot of what will make this appealing is how smoothly the content is ramped up, what kind of endgame/post launch content they have, and how well they can integrate a story into a game that doesn't seem to need or want a story.

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#40 Posted by ShadyPingu (1806 posts) -

I was a poor showing, that's for sure. The dev roundtable thing was a really bad idea. It felt like they were trying to quell the concerns of Bioware faithful with buzzwords, but we've all heard those buzzwords so many times, it just comes out as white noise. They would've vastly benefited from going deep on game systems like Bethesda did a few E3s ago with Fallout 4.

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#41 Posted by Panfoot (328 posts) -

Anthem is to Destiny as Gobots are to Transformers, pretty much sums up my feelings on it.

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#42 Posted by Cure_Optimism (81 posts) -

I think it looks pretty bland and boring too. There's nothing about that game that feels or looks like a BioWare title. Its only unique claim is that it supposedly combines the storytelling of actual BioWare games with the gameplay of Destiny, but even that doesn't sound particularly interesting because we already have Destiny and a fair amount of people are unhappy with it. Everything people like about BioWare games will be shaved down into a dull nub or be missing entirely to accommodate the selling of microtransactions and the co-op gameplay, and I expect it to be an extremely disappointing experience for people who like past BioWare titles and want to experience a fun story with interesting companions. So I'm definitely not gonna bother getting it.

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#43 Posted by IVDAMKE (1823 posts) -

It has no discernible identity of its own. It looks like money, it looks like a business person put a bunch of pictures on a board in-front of Bioware directors and said "I want that one, that one, this one... oh and these too!"

The mobility looks slow and doesn't seem to actually serve any actual gameplay purpose other than "oh and you can fly", which in that case I start getting concerned about a total lack of interesting level design because hey why not just fly over it all? The shooting looks mundane and most of the monsters are so standard fare they look like humanoids with crustation outer shells.

It'll probably succeed but man it comes across in a similar way as the cynical announcement of Radical Heights.

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#44 Posted by Slag (8157 posts) -

Hate to join in on the Chorus, but looks like it could really bomb to me.

Just don't see anything compelling about the gameplay, the world or the look.

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#45 Posted by TheWildCard (694 posts) -

I was pretty unimpressed with last year's reveal, and I feel the same here. It looks fine I guess, albeit very derivative of other loot-shooter games. At a glance it looks so similar to Destiny aesthetically, and Destiny isn't exactly eye catching either. People don't come to Bioware games for the moment to moment action, they come for story, but what they've shown off so far doesn't lead me to think it's going to be super story intensive. Which is fine if you make a good loot-grind, but when they're talking big about story and world-building, and then not showing anything, and talking about these co-op mission, without really showing goals/destination/rewards--there's a distinct lack of hooks. They seem to be pushing the Ironman suits hard, but that's not really much of one imo. The fact that we've only seen people grenading enemies that pose no threat hasn't helped. We need to see a knockdown fight with a heavy to get a feel what combat really feels like (I hope).

All cynicism aside, I still think there's potential here, but the fact that they've had two underwhelming showing now says they're behind where they should be and aren't confident in showing more. Who knows if EA's willing to push it into year financial year or if it will be Destiny 1 all over again. There is a demo being shown though, so maybe will finally get more nitty gritty details.

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#46 Edited by Luchalma (538 posts) -

Bioware used to be without a doubt my favorite developer. Cliche about EA ruining devs etc etc but I haven't been a fan of anything they've put out for years. I was very curious to see what a new IP from them would look like, but last year's reveal of Anthem left me pretty indifferent. I don't play multiplayer games generally, and have no interest in games like Destiny or The Division. But even so I thought I might see something in this year's show that showed me some of what I used to love from Bioware games. Nope. Every frame of Anthem looks like the most generic, derivitive sci-fi shooter nonsense I've ever seen. It seems like with the way Destiny 2 bounced off the general gaming public that there's an opening for someone to deliver a game that does this all right. But I can't imagine this is it.

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#47 Posted by doctordonkey (1817 posts) -

I was fully expecting Anthem to be disappointing at E3, and somehow I'm still disappointed. I'm gonna be honest, I don't think BioWare has produced a quality product since Mass Effect 2. It's such a bummer, they were just releasing banger after banger in their early years, and now look.

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#48 Posted by Subjugation (4992 posts) -

I'm reserving judgment until it can be more informed, but for now I feel like the game has potential to be pretty cool. I'll wait and see. I think the real question is will it launch with a good amount of content and avoid the glaring problem Destiny 2 had with that?

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#49 Edited by NeverGameOver (902 posts) -

The impressions I've seen from preview appointments seem a lot more positive than those from the conference. EA just has no clue how to host a conference.

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#50 Posted by MightyDuck (2019 posts) -

Listened to Game Informer's podcast reflection on their time at Bioware with Anthem. There seemed to be a lot of references to Monster Hunter and Destiny (to a certain extent). While I don't doubt the movement feels great, this sort of game is just not something I'm looking for from Bioware. I thought Destiny handled great! However, I could not stand the story and lack of variety.

I'd rather have a very in depth single player journey. From the discussion on the podcast, Anthem is being built with 4 player co-op in mind as the main way to play. There appears to have been talk about making the game harder if you played alone.

I'm certain this game will find an audience that will be happy with it, it's just not my "cup of tea."