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Posted by BeachThunder (15137 posts) 3 months, 1 day ago

Poll: Who is your go-to Apex Legends character? (240 votes)

Bloodhound 15%
Gibraltar 6%
Lifeline 23%
Pathfinder 12%
Wraith 6%
Bangalore 14%
Mirage 6%
Caustic 4%
I don't have a go-to character 14%

Personally, I'm all about Gibraltar.

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#1 Posted by gkhan (1062 posts) -

I'm sticking with Bangalore for now. Partly it's because she seems the most straightforward to play, but mostly it's because she's so fucking cool. One of my favorite character designs in a game like this in a long time. In the intro, she flips a shell over her knuckles like a poker chip, then flips it up in the air and loads it into the receiver! How can you resist that?

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#2 Posted by Justin258 (15641 posts) -

Pathfinder, because I really like that grapple hook.

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#3 Posted by deckard (354 posts) -

Lifeline, because I almost always gravitate toward the medic in class-based shooters. I’m better at helping people than shooting people.

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#4 Posted by nateandrews (71 posts) -

I don’t know that I have a go-to yet, though Bangalore and Caustic are my favorite right now. Wraith is definitely my never-go-to, sadly. I just can’t figure out how to use her stuff effectively. The voice telling you when you’re spotted is extremely helpful but in all my hours playing I think I’ve seen her portal be useful maybe 4 or 5 times. It’s hard!

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#5 Posted by hans_maulwurf (641 posts) -

@deckard said:

Lifeline, because I almost always gravitate toward the medic in class-based shooters. I’m better at helping people than shooting people.

Pretty much this. I have a couple of matches with Bangalore and Wraith, but I choose Lifeline whenever possible, as I'm not great at the shooty parts.

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#6 Edited by soybomb43 (33 posts) -

I love Gibraltar because even though I'm not good at shooting I can get a lot of use out of the shield. If you're ambushed it's good immediate cover, if you're being chased it can put space between you and the person chasing you, it can give me protection while I revive teammates, it can go around a Lifeline supply drop so that anyone whose attention was drawn by the care package can't snipe us. And his ultimate feels more intuitive than Bangalore's, and can also be used defensively to build distance. Also I like being a big gay Hawaiian.

I like playing as Bangalore but find her dialogue kind of annoying. "Clips are what civvies use in their hair, this is a magazine?" always makes me roll my eyes. A lot of the dialogue across the board isn't great, though.

Weirdly this poll does not reflect how everyone constantly chooses Wraith.

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#7 Posted by _Hawke_ (2 posts) -

Interesting ..... not many people who pick Mirage.

Personally, I love him .... Bamboozling people all day long is great to lure people out of cover or pinpoint their location, since most of the people are very trigger happy. Since (for now) I am the only one in my group who has him unlocked, it will probably stay that way, but as soon as my friends want to try him I'll probably pick Lifeline as second, or Wraith if I want to play something more aggressive.

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#8 Posted by Fezrock (727 posts) -

Lifeline, because I randomly had two good games with her and can proudly display her banner showing my 4 kills. All those 0s on the other characters, #feelsbadman

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#9 Posted by FrodoBaggins (2047 posts) -

Started with lifeline because she's so useful but have switched to pathfinder. He's too good. I think he will be the dominant hero for people who are top tier at this game.

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#10 Posted by tds418 (465 posts) -

Lifeline! I have two wins with her so far. Honestly I think the supply packages are more useful than the healing bot given there's usually not a shortage of healing items. Late game it's pretty common to get a gold/level 4 item from a supply package.

My alt is Bangalore but I'm pretty close to unlocking Mirage through playing so he'll probably be my alt once I do that. Decoys seem legitimately useful in confusing players during hectic firefights.

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#11 Posted by Brackstone (891 posts) -

Mostly Bloodhound, a bit of Gibraltar and Caustic. Bloodhound's ult basically turns them into doomguy with predator vision. Grab a peacekeeper and go nuts. Their other powers are pretty good too, but not gamechanging like some of the other characters.

I think the character balance at the moment needs some work. Bloodhound and Bangalore are pretty much universally the best choices (Bangalore especially, I never get to play her because someone else always mains her), and I see them constantly. Bloodhound is necessary because Bangalore is so good. Then usually you want to fill it out with Wraith (tiny janky hitbox and absurd survivability, plus voices), lifeline or sometimes a pathfinder, in that order.

Caustic is so absurdly bad he might need an entire rework. I say that having played as him a bunch. Mirage is fine, his tactical is good, but his passive and ult aren't very useful. Gibraltar's just kind of middle of the road and well rounded, his shield doesn't quite make up for his hitbox, but he's fine.

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#12 Posted by Wemibelle (2633 posts) -

I usually go for Lifeline because her abilities are easy to use and useful for my teammates. Also, I'm a suck-ass shot so I try to make up for that in other ways.

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#13 Posted by BladeOfCreation (1308 posts) -

Pathfinder. Love the grapple, just wish it was a little faster. Being able to deploy a zip line anywhere is a pretty cool special power.

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#14 Posted by Skald (4447 posts) -

Caustic. I love slowing down lanes with his unique guerilla playstyle. I just wish his passive was a bit more useful.

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#15 Edited by nophilip (684 posts) -

Pathfinder, then Lifeline, then Bangalore. Love playing as all three, and I also really like Gibraltar. Started out really thinking I would like Bloodhound and over time really stopped enjoying her. Got wins with every character (except Mirage/Caustic cause I'm saving my Legend points for the first new character), and now I never have to play Wraith again so that's good.

It also super bums me out that I love playing as Bangalore but she has the worst dialogue lines in the game.

"Clips are what civvies wear in their hair. This is called a magazine." and "No clusterfoxtrots in my squad" both make me want to die.

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#16 Posted by Nodima (2598 posts) -

I guess I don't really have one yet.

It was Wraith initially because her Quarantine skin dropped in one of my early crates and that's one of the few truly unique, outfit altering skins in the game so I wanted to show it off, but if I'm honest with myself I'm not a good enough shooter to be as useful with her as I pretend I am. My signature move with Wraith is setting up a great warp tunnel for flanking and then getting absolutely shredded by the guys I'm allegedly sneaking up on as I miss shot after shot and wind up only doing 20 damage for the match.

So I moved to Lifeline for the most part for a while because support is an easy thing for me to fall into, especially once I realized nobody seemed to be picking up on what the stimulants are useful for and I could horde them with her and pop four or five supply crates in a long game with enough luck. It made me useful and feel better about myself.

But then I gave Bloodhound a shot and was pretty quickly getting more kills than I had with the other classes, and not only that but I won two games in a row for the first time. At that point I was pretty sure I would mostly be them with a dosage of Lifeline whenever someone beat me to them, until I won another game randomly playing as Pathfinder and realized that if I won a game with Caustic or Gibralter I'd have all the class-type win trophies unlocked. I'm also an absolute killer with Gibralter for whatever reason, so right now he's been my go-to. I suck ass with Caustic, which doesn't seem exclusive to me but like Wraith I find myself wishing I could prove I not only understand Caustic but can use him well.

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#17 Edited by SirPsychoSexy (1639 posts) -

After a lot of play I think Lifeline might be the strongest character in the game. It seems alot of people enjoy her Ultimate and healing drone, but I think those are fairly weak abilities all things considered (tho the drone can be very nice for the first couple minutes of the game). The quicker healing passive is just ridiculously fucking good to the point that it alone pushes this hero to either first or second best. The extra second you save when popping off shield cells or batteries opens up so many healing opportunities mid fight you would never be confident doing on any other character (unless you had the gold backpack). Also, the safer and faster revives are a nice bonus and can come up huge in many situations.

I have really enjoyed fucking around on pathfinder, but I don't think he is especially strong. Wraith seems very good for solo play just because you can be in and out of danger very quickly, but I also found it fun to use her portal ult to set up flanks for my squad or just to create an easy escape route if needed. I have found Bloodhound to very powerful in chaotic fights just because you can be an x factor when you counter smokes with your ult, but unfortunately his ult seems to give me some slight lag and it can be jarring in the heat of the battle so I have been playing him less and less.

Bangalore seems like a pretty good all around soldier type. Each of her skills and passive are just solid.

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#18 Posted by mems1224 (2505 posts) -

Lifeline because she is the only essential character

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#19 Edited by ArbitraryWater (15697 posts) -

I've been having a lot of fun using Mirage's stuff to distract people or make them give away their position. His ult isn't incredibly useful against people who know what they're doing, but the magical secret to this game is that most people don't know what they're doing. Cloak on getting downed isn't amazing, but I've definitely used it to break line of sight long enough for a teammate to revive me.

Also all of his quips make him sound like a complete garbage person and I kind of love it.

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#20 Edited by hansolol (980 posts) -

Caustic. I love his whole style; the other characters are so happy-go-lucky and quippy. And he's got by far the most badass skin in the entire game: the Blackheart. I hope the newer characters they release are more serious and less "Overwatchy."

I'd say I'm pretty average at this game but I've got a lot of time played as Caustic and people in this thread seem to find him hard to use, so I can share some tips:

1. You want to try to get your enemies to fight on your terms, not theirs. He's at his best when you've got enemies trying to take a building that you've got a bunch of traps in, which makes his playstyle very campy. Remember you can also block doors with traps and force enemies to funnel in through doors that your team is focused on. Remember to shoot your own traps to activate them.

2. Try to make use of his ability to have 6 traps out at once. If you're running around with no traps out and 3 stocked and your ability isn't regening itself, you're basically not using his ability. You can always pick up his traps if you're moving to a new location so when you enter a new building, throw traps out near doors or in the middle of big rooms in case a fight breaks out in the current location. You can also see your traps through walls and they turn green when they activate so they can tip you off if enemies are stalking behind you. If you find this kind of constant upkeep annoying and you just want to be running around, don't play Caustic.

3. Use his ult! This is probably the best initiation tool in the whole game. It allows you to safely run in with a short-range weapon and go to town on blinded and slowed enemies. Throw it through windows or through holes in the roof. This will either force the enemy out or give a huge advantage when storming a small building.

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#21 Edited by TheFlamingo352 (336 posts) -

Bangalore is my favourite because of the variety of options her smoke provides, offensively and defensively. Haven't had much luck with her ultimate, though.

My second is usualky Lifeline, but my favourite part of her that I'm not seeing much love for is that her drone can pretty easily let your party scavenge outside of the early circles, or just wait outside the circle to ambush others. It's bananas.

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#22 Posted by TobbRobb (6582 posts) -

Bloodhound, because you can never know too much about enemy locations.

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#23 Posted by CheapPoison (1127 posts) -

It is crazy how much love there is for lifeline, which might be one of the weakest characters.

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#24 Posted by FrodoBaggins (2047 posts) -

@cheappoison: dude, lifeline absolutely isn't one of the weakest characters. Her passive is the best in the game. Her ability to stay in the fight constantly is unmatched.

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#25 Posted by CheapPoison (1127 posts) -

@frodobaggins: Not even close, Bangalore passive is easily the best. I like her, but most other characters offer much more than her. She offers a lot between fights, but the rest offers something within them.

Bangalore and bloodhound are easily the top dogs. So, that would automatically at best put her in the middle of the pack.

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#26 Posted by FrodoBaggins (2047 posts) -

Nah, lifeline and pathfinder are the best in my opinion.

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#27 Edited by SirPsychoSexy (1639 posts) -

@frodobaggins: Not even close, Bangalore passive is easily the best. I like her, but most other characters offer much more than her. She offers a lot between fights, but the rest offers something within them.

Bangalore and bloodhound are easily the top dogs. So, that would automatically at best put her in the middle of the pack.

Going to have to disagree. Lifeline's passive is insane and the main reason you would pick her. Being able to bust out a battery safely in a chaotic battle is paramount.

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#28 Edited by Hestilllives19 (1252 posts) -

I've probably played way too much of this game over the past few weeks. I've unlocked all Trophies available, so that means I've gotten a win on every character and done at least 5k damage, but I've played the most of Lifeline (over 250 kills and 20 Full Squad wins), then Wraith, then Gibraltar (whom I started on). I think I'm like level 71. From my play of all the characters I would both rank them as follows in usefulness, and this is which ones I would prefer to play as in this order.

  1. Lifeline - Passive revive Shield is key and best passive in the game. Free healing for the team, and easily the best Ult when used properly that can often provide at least 2 Purple Armor drops in an extended game for the team (feed this player all of the Accelerant you find). It also doesn't hurt that it's really easy to use, though it does take some intelligent usage to not give away your positioning (I always drop it in the outside ring so it's harder to see coming down).
  2. Bloodhound - Spotting targets is useful but it gives away that your team is searching. Seeing footprint movements however is easily the 2nd best passive and easily allows you to track, surprise, and 3rd party enemies. Combat wise, the Ult is by far the most powerful in the game with it's increased speed and locating of enemies for around a full minute.
  3. Wraith - This class probably has the highest skill gap. The evade ability can completely turn the tide of a fight and is easily the most powerful ability in the right hands. The passive is bad, but Portals range from near uselessness to extremely powerful, depending on the player using it and the situation. I don't recommend this class for lower skill players.
  4. Bangalador - The passive is not the most useful as you might make a bad player miss 20% of their shots, but it won't help you against a good player. However the double smokes are really what set the Bang apart, as it's an extremely useful distraction tool for both recovering teammates, flanking enemies, and many other uses. The Ult is on the lower end, it's great when it lands on a team, but I've rarely had it turn the tide of a battle either way.
  5. Gibraltar - Similar to Bangalador, Gibralter's Alt is rather useless unless you have a team pinned outdoors that can't just move back away from it. Similarly teams either know they can easily push a Dome, or that in 15s you are pretty much screwed so they can just wait you out. The gun shield however is the only real saving grace for Gibralter in fights (as it gives you an extra 50 damage to soak or so), but it's not without it's setbacks. It easily gives away your position if you don't turn it off to scope an area, making it a real hassle to use. Keep in mind the Gibralter hitbox is the size of the actual moon, so other players will hit shots on you by accident that they wouldn't land on any other character models.
  6. Mirage - The ultimate 1v1 machine. I have seen the fake out used so well by really good Mirage players to win 1v1's, and using it to scare off players from your drop is amazing. But Encore is likely the most useless Passive in the game, and Vanishing Act taking away your ability to do anything while it's active completely ruins any usefulness it might add, making it, imo, the worst Ult in the game atm.
  7. Caustic - This game is not designed for Caustic's Playstyle, which is slow building camping. You can easily disable these traps by shooting out the bottom, and camping a building can be easily over run by grenade rushes (those things everyone should carry 4+ of at all times, mostly Arc Stars). The only saving grace here is that Nox Gas has it's uses in late game final 3 team fights.
  8. Pathfinder - You haven't lived until you've knocked a player with a Grappling Hook uppercut. But outside of that cheesy mechanic most players will never accomplish (I've never done it, but it looks amazing), the grappling hook is really not all that useful. You can get some high ground in a fight, but that often puts you in awful positioning if the other team see's you, making your Res impossible to get to (I highly recommend against doing this). And outside of no health quick zone pushes, I see no reason to ever even have a Pathfinder in my groups, much less run one myself. And Insider Knowledge is nothing more than a gimmick, and is barely more useful than Mirage's Encore. The only benefit is using grapple to quickly traverse the battlefield, something only the very highest skilled groups do. I don't see this as very useful outside of Ninja using it to bum rush players in Twitch Tournaments.
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#29 Edited by FlashFlood_29 (4413 posts) -

If the team doesn't have a Bloodhound, I go Bloodhound cause in the case of the final enemy squad having a Bangalore/Bloodhound combo, they'd have a huge upperhand without having a Bloodhound ourselves.

If we have a Bloodhound, Bangalore, for the combo.

If we have both, either Mirage for the laughs and bamboozling, Pathfinder for the fun traversal, or Lifeline for the packages. Sometimes Wraith to know if someone is looking at us. So I guess anything and everything at this point.

I'm not too much of a fan of Lifeline and she's way overrated. Her passive isn't that great cause it gives away that you're reviving with it being so damn loud and also gives it away in smoke. And in the final two squads, The shield isn't going to do much cause if the shield is being useful during the revive, it means you're in the enemy's sights and they're just going to pop the person you revived the second they come up with their miniscule health. Her ultimate is overrated cause you can find most every item you need throughout the match and it gives away position. The items in her care packages are hardly game winning. I would much rather have an AOE DPS for final fights than her ultimate throughout the game.

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#30 Posted by JJBSterling (582 posts) -

I got a legendary skin for Mirage very early (way before I even unlocked him) so that basically made him my main.
Mirage's faults are obvious but I haven't found an active ability as fun as the decoy is (Pathfinder is close). It's up so often and it constantly tricks people that you can try some wild stuff during fights and get some really good flanks if you trust your team to be split from them.

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#31 Posted by DodoBasse (109 posts) -

I don't really have a main.

The best heroes are probably Bangalore and Lifeline (gonna have to side with people who think her faster healing is kinda nuts. There's a reason the yellow backpack is the best yellow armor item in the game) with Bloodhound at third probably. Might be higher if it wasn't for the FPS drop their ult causes because of the increased FoV.

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#32 Posted by FrodoBaggins (2047 posts) -

@hestilllives19: I love pathfinders passive and his ult, I find both incredibly useful. I guess that's the beauty of this game lol. Imo, he has the highest skill cap of any class BY FAR, and I can't wait to watch some pros in the weeks to come figuring out the real nuances of the grapple.

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#33 Posted by mems1224 (2505 posts) -

@cheappoison: lol bloodhound isn't near the top. His passive is useful but not all that necessary and his ult is great when combined with Bangalore but his ability is trash. Short range, shows a last known location which isn't that useful and most importantly gives away your position.

Bangalore is great apart from her useless ult. Her passive is nice and the smoke is versitile but her ult is garbage. Super slow and easy to avoid even in open areas.

Lifeline is still better because everything she does helps the entire team. Her passive is easily the best in the game for the fast healing alone and her ult is also the best in the game because it equips your entire team with purple and gold gear. Her ability isn't great because the range is so short so it's super situational but it's still plenty useful

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#34 Posted by el_tajij (867 posts) -

It's really interesting hearing people's opinions on classes, I personally don't think there's a single best class - unlike Overwatch I feel Apex's abilities are fairly underpowered, which is great as outplaying is always on the table.

The dynamic nature of the Battle Royale genre means there's never a best strategy to exploit a class in any single match. For example, Lifeline's passive is great, but it's not helpful if you're being rushed by a full squad.

Having said that my favourite to play so far is Wraith, I love her passive and using portals to get downed allies to safety, but honestly all the classes are almost equally fun and useful. It helps that the game is so ridiculously fun!

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#35 Posted by Sarnecki (1353 posts) -

Lifeline is a no brainer because she's ALWAYS useful, and mirage and Wraith too are fun. But Pathfinder. I love his mobility.

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#36 Posted by Pezen (2374 posts) -

Bloodhound definitely my main. As someone that mostly play without mic and is still sort of getting used to the shooting and which guns I prefer, they feel like a good support class. A walking shooting radar. I can ping a lot of stuff for my team and in a tight pinch I'll let my team know where everyone is. It's the only class I have reached last 2 squads with on a number of occassions. That being said I don't think the developers really had a unified theme for the character who seems to be all over the place. Between the dialogue talking about the Allfather (Odin) and has a raven yet his expensive skins being samurai or plague doctor looking, I am not sure what they were going for. Most other characters feel a lot more cohesive in that regard.

If someone else goes Bloodhound I mostly use it as an opportunity to try some other ones. But so far I don't have a strong second choice.

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#37 Posted by Hestilllives19 (1252 posts) -

@frodobaggins: Oh I agree that Pathfinder is a high skill player class like Wraith is, probably the 2nd most. But knowing where the next zone is completely useless imo. You get a ton of time and it's mostly pretty predictable anyways where it's going to be, and heading towards the zone of the zone is just asking to not only be 3rd, but 5th partied almost instantly. If you are trying to win, you should be sticking near the outside zone and pushing in late and around the edges towards fights already happening to 3rd them, not have it happen to yourself. Not gonna say I haven't lived to tell some tales about some 5th party action, but it's very much not ideal, and most often ends in a team wipe so it shouldn't be a goal for most players. Zipline Ult can get you good positioning as a team but you always have to be aware of that Zipline since, unlike Wraith Portals (60s), they stay around the rest of the game. For most players, the grapple represents little more than a movement speed tool, which is something not all that useful if you are staying with your team like you are suppose to.

But, all of this said, on the very very high end play, I've seen some insane things done with Grapple and Zipline on Twitch by the best players in the world already. Using Grapple mid fight to reposition or flank while firing is crazy and I've never seen stuff like that in a real game. I also watched some Ninja Tournament play last weekend for a bit and the rules have typically been 1 Point per Kill and 8-10 Points per win, so those guys aren't just trying to win but rack up 30 kill games each time, so they are splitting up and traversing the battlefield very fast looking for players and quickly getting to each other once they find them, and Pathfinder was easily the best class for this playstyle. So when I call him out as the worst, I'm talking about for myself and the vast majority of players, because your right, the stuff you can do with his movement at that top end is nuts.

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#38 Posted by FrodoBaggins (2047 posts) -

@hestilllives19: you are right mate. When I say pathfinder and lifeline are the best I guess i am talking from the perspective of the most mechanicly skilled players in the world. The answer for mere plebs like us might be different! But one of the things I love most about this game is that whatever group you rock with you know each game you have even chance of success. Which as somebody coming from overwatch (which I love) where 90% of games are won and lost at the hero select screen is refreshing

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#39 Posted by Nethlem (780 posts) -

At this point, I've gotten at least one win with each of them and I like them all.

Wish there was something like a "random legend" option just to spare me the mental effort of having to decide.

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#40 Posted by hippie_genocide (2434 posts) -

It is crazy how much love there is for lifeline, which might be one of the weakest characters.

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#41 Posted by FrodoBaggins (2047 posts) -
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#42 Posted by walters420 (7 posts) -

I switch between bangelore, caustic, lifeline, and bloodhound depending on what my friends want to play. I totally understand caustic is pretty easily countered since all you have to do is shoot the red part of the canisters to destroy them, but it pleases my ocd-like qualities to place all of my canisters around and then micromanage them by picking them up and replacing them nonstop.

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#43 Posted by morningcoffee (51 posts) -

I haven't played a huge amount but I usually play Gibraltar or Bloodhound. I like their quips. I have the most kills with Gibraltar. I've played Lifeline a few times but I feel like her abilities are hard to coordinate with randos. I don't use a mic.

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#44 Posted by WillHeroX (10 posts) -

I have played Wraith every single match unless someone else takes her

9/10 times, that Wraith is bad, or disconnects after dying, or does something rude.

I'm a Wraith main who doesn't trust other Wraiths. But yea this poll checks out for who I see most of the time.

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#45 Posted by nateandrews (71 posts) -

Bloodhound's abilities are great but on PS4 the framerate takes a nasty dive when using the ultimate, so much so that it's actually made it harder for me to get kills while using it. I can't imagine I'll play much more of them until that's (hopefully) fixed because it's just too much of a risk in the late game.

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#46 Posted by Mighty (1472 posts) -

Gonna have to be Wraith. Her stealth mode is great but the thing she's best at is that portal. I've won more than one game by portaling my team around a mountain and behind some other team who isn't ready for it.

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#47 Posted by bobafettjm (2310 posts) -

Bloodhound, with Lifeline being my second.

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#48 Posted by Humanity (18715 posts) -

Gibraltar, probably because if all else fails I can usually get a kill or some downs with my bombardment ability so I'm at least somewhat contributing to the team.

Although earlier today I discovered the beauty of the carbine with a good stock on it and that thing becomes a laser rifle.

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#49 Edited by FistOfFiori (3 posts) -

Pathfinder. Finding his grapple + being able to give the team zipline useful. Plus he's so cheery.

Also like Wraith. There's been a couple of times where I and a squad I'm in have been going in an area where there's probably enemies, so I've saved the ult (portals) and used it there and it's come in handy when outnumbered.

I like being helpful! So really should play Lifeline more. I've liked it the couple of times I've played as her.

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#50 Edited by KnockingNick (374 posts) -

I first started off as Lifeline for several matches, but now I'm all about Bangalore. She is just such a cool and fun character to play. Out of curiosity, is she voiced by Jennifer Hale? It sounds a lot like her to me.