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Hey folks,

I started using the API 2 days ago and everything was perfectly fine. But now I booted my Laptop up, wanted to some work and since then I can't get a single request to work and it throws me 403 errors left and right.

I was reading about that we have to set user agents since 2017(why did it work for 2 days fine tho) and did that, but still getting the same errors and looking into the dev tools, the API thinks I'm doing malicious things. Yes I'm using a VPN for security reasons.

Is there anything else I can do or do I have just stop using the API? I'm literally desperate now after trying to get anything running for the majority of the day. It's really frustrating.


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@drood87: im getting the same erro. in c#, but works in postmant

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yeah works fine in postman. I don't know if that forum is really active but none of the mods is giving any answer, even PM'd one. I figured a way now to use the IGDB API which works fine now.

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Are there actually still any devs/mods working in that Forum? No answer to DM's, no answers in the forum? Is the project/API dead?

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@drood87 Are you making requests too fast? Requests should have at least a 1 second delay between. If you exceed the limit, you will get a 24 hr ban. I just tested your key and it works fine on my end.