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Is there anyone working on a giantbomb app for the Android platform?  I was considering making one myself because there is an issue with the rss feed on mobile phones but i dont know where to start

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Hmm...judging by the feedback to your topic. You should probably start by buying an iPhone. LOL

In all seriousness, I hope this helps you. Good luck.
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I posted offhand about it in the iPhone app feedback forum and Jeff replied saying that enough Android users demand it, it could happen (something like that, I'm paraphrasing). I was gonna start a new thread to see who would be interested but I guess it would be too similar to this one.

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Count me in as one of those Android users. Just got my G1 a few days ago.

I couldn't find that similar thread that you're referring to, so I'll probably end up making one as well, but if that gets removed, i want to pose the question: What are the best games or your favourite games on the android platform?

So far I've only played Crystallight (Tower Defense, lots of fun)
Bonsai Blast (Zuma clone, fun, free)
The first episode of something called Mystique (a 3d adventure game i think, i didn't quite get it, it was free),
Abduction! World Attack (a vertical platformer where you're a jumping cow)
Brain Genius Deluxe (A free brain gamesy-kinda thing)
Buka (The closest thing I can equate this too is Asteroids, but with touching stuff insteads)

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We have no plans in the near term to build an Android app. Our iPhone app uses our own API so it's more then robust enough to build a full featured app out of.

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I would love a GiantBomb app for my new HTC Hero (read: Android phone).
Been looking at GiantBomb's API now and been doing some research from PHP (my main language; secondary is english ;))

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@sibbor: Make it happen! ;)
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Just got an android phone last night and would LOVE to see a GiantBomb app for android. will pay top dollar!

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Started looking at coding for android but I realized that I won't have enough time to learn it sufficient enough to do anything decent.

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@snide said:
" We have no plans in the near term to build an Android app. Our iPhone app uses our own API so it's more then robust enough to build a full featured app out of. "
Hmm , your api links to flv files but the iphone doesn't play flv. Are you stashing mp4 files in a secret spot that I could access if I wrote a Android app?
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I want me some giantbomb on my MyTouch! I wanted to get the Iphone but i can't afford a status symbol D:

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That looks pretty interesting. Have anything working or is that just a mock-up?

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Well that part is working in the emulator, but I don't have an android phone and I don't think android phones can play flv files and the GB API doesn't give a hint on where to find the files used by the iphone so I'm not really that interested in investing more time in it. 
The GB API could need some overlooking. I don't even think the sort parameter works so you can get the videos sorted by date. 

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#15 Posted by drew (135 posts) -

I'm a developer with an Android phone too and was actually looking at developing a GB app.  I'd be interested in helping out if you were looking to opensource it (or just share the source).  Be good if snide could let us know about how the videos work on the iPhone

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@poserdonut: I haven't really looked into it but it looks like GiantBomb mirror all their videos on youtube (which android can handle).  
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Well, I could share the code but it's not a project or anything. Just some code I through together to try out android development and to see if I could fetch and display the data from Giantbomb.
But if you just want access to the videos (which is what I would be interested in) I guess you could just use the youtube RSS feed for GB (  and list the latest entries.  I don't know how you would go about playing the youtube videos in Android but there might be an intent or similar for it.
[edit]I found this snippet
 startActivity(new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW, Uri.parse("http://")));  

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#18 Posted by eznark (113 posts) -

First off great job on the GB android app.  It's a bit buggy but it works, and that is dope.  Thanks Harris, poserdonut and Drew.   
One ask; any chance you can make it less of a battery drain?  When you open it it stays running in the background unless it is manually killed, which is super annoying. 
Anyway, overall it is awesome and thanks for your hard work.

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#19 Edited by milkham (25 posts) -

I just got a nexus one and found the app in the android market place it's great!  I was wondering though if the videos are lower quality than the iphone version or if it's just that the screen is  higher res than the iphone so the video looks blockier because of upscaling.  Thank you! 
edit: nevermind i tried a more recent video and it looked better.  good job!

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#20 Posted by harris (841 posts) -
@eznark:@milkham: This is the wrong thread, the GB android app thread is over this a-way:
As to your questions, I'll look into making it not stay open after leaving the app. There's not really any way to make it take less battery, sorry. The nature of what it does it just battery consuming.
The videos are the same videos that are played on the iPhone version, must be your screen or something.
Thanks for the feedback.