Can't find appropriate show id to allow plex plugin to do a match (api works fine)

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Maybe wrong forum, but under the redesign I cannot find the show id to do a match for the plex plugin. I already did some testing with basic api calls.

Example UPF 10/26/18 (removed api info) (this works)

new site makes the episode appear to be 11152

What am I missing? Is there a way to find the appropriate number for the api call to work?

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Weird side question, but which Plex plugin are you working on? I did an unofficial branch to get the old code working again here:

...and that version seems to work with shows fine since it's all API. If you're working on the official Plex client, let me know and I'll stop maintaining and redirect this over.

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TY for the reply.

No I am using Giantbomb agent plugin. (

My internet is not good enough for consistent streaming so I download videos that interest me. I then put them into plex and have the agent plugin fill in the metadata. I was using the "Unique ID" according to rspeicher's instructions. I found the ID in the URL of the Video, but the shown ID has changed with the redesign and no longer works with the agent. I was able to find a "data-id" when looking at the page source that appears to be the correct Unique ID as far as the agent is concerned.

I figure it is a GB database change for the redesign and probably need to give rspeicher time or see if I can make a different agent myself.

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@deliciousbees: Nice, thanks for this. Not sure how possible it is, but any way to download those videos directly to Plex? At the moment I run a script to download videos and add them to Plex, but this would be easier ;)

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