Cant get all videos for a video_show or get equivalent of "seasons" data

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Hey everyone, Web developer / ReactJS fanboy here,

I was messing around with Gatsby building a micro GB PWA only focused on videos in shows. I'm able to grab all the shows from the API no problem, though for certain videos API calls with a show filter responds with incomplete data.



"error": "OK",

"limit": 100,

"offset": 0,

"number_of_page_results": 0,

"number_of_total_results": 0,

"status_code": 1,

"results": [


"version": "1.0"


Also with the new re design video_show pages have dropdown menus to select "seasons", I noticed there doesn't seem to be any data of this open to the API.

Is there something I'm missing or do things just still need to be transitioned over to the new show focused data?

Any insight would be very helpful, just looking to build a cool thing with some cool content I follow.


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Okay, practically found my answer last night for both questions.

The reason why I couldn't get certain videos was because I wasn't using an account with a premium subscription, so i was only able to grab non premium videos.

As for the seasons question, Shout out to @danauer and @wcarle talking about it on the second episode of the GiantDevCast (highly recommend giving a listen).

To paraphrase and hopefully not accidentally mislead people, Show seasons seem to be for the most part separated by the year of the publish_date for a video, with a few exceptions on certain shows like This Is The Run being more seasonal by the game they are playing. I was able to use the associations field from a video to create the season split, though I had to specify specific shows to do that since there's no explicit data point that I could see to decide that.

Hope this wasn't wrong and helps other duders out!