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OK, I know this isn't technically API related but I've noticed that some of the GB news articled posted of late (and all of the Tested articles) have half of the text and then a "Continue reading story" link at the bottom of the RSS articles. This is problematic for apps that want to use this news stream in order to display stories inside their application. As great as the Whiskey Media sites are, there's far too much info to display on a tiny phone screen so being able to get a text and images only version of the articles has been great so far. 
I totally understand why "Continue reading" links are useful but I'm wondering whether it would be possible to get an ad (or at least a whiskey media linked) supported, full version of these streams for this purpose. Or, even better, API support for news articles would let us skip the RSS feeds altogether. This hasn't been much of an issue so far for GB for Android but the Tested app which is in the works will suffer for it. I seem to remember someone (Dave maybe?) saying in the past that he hated RSS feeds with only partial content but maybe I'm imagining things...

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What you have just posted is exactly what I was about to post. so.. yes.