Filtering reviews by score

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I'm trying to filter reviews by score(which should be possible according to the API docs) but not having much luck. I have tried:,score,game&filter=score:5,score,game&filter=score:"5"

And in both cases I get back an empty list of results with status code 1, which makes it seem like it is getting through to the API successfully.

Doing a sort=score:asc/desc should also work for my use case but I'd rather do a filter.


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Even though the /reviews endpoint returns scores on a scale of 1-5, when filtering them, you have to treat them as if they were percentages, where 5 is 100%. So for reviews with score 1, you'd use "&filter=score:20", for reviews with score 2 you'd use "&filter=score:40", etc.

It's not very intuitive. I only know because I randomly clicked on this thread.

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@igrat : Holy crap man, thank you so much for that, I would not have figured it out!