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This is just a suggestion for anyone who knows how to deal with this stuff.  I would love to have a GiantBomb search engine for FireFox.  If anyone one is interested in doing so, please post here.  I'm not doing this because I have no experience what so-ever with this kind of stuff.  If I did then I would easily.  This is just a humble request.

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Looks like someone already put one together here.

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Nice and simple. Once some filters get added to the API, they could probably add autocomplete like other search add-ons.

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Awesome, I guess I'll use it now.

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Bump. More people should see this.

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I was googling for this exact same thing and this thread popped up.  Somehow I couldn't find this thread here on the website though lol.  Great find and thanks to whoever made it, wherever you are out there on the internets.

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hmm does not seem to work