Fix for API Verify endpoint coming today (and other updates)

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#1 wcarle  Staff

Today we will be releasing a fix for our verification endpoint that will fix an accidental change in the structure of the response.

For a while we were returning this from the endpoint /api/validate?link_code:

{ "api_key": { "apiKey": "KEY", "expires": "1574272028" }}

The nesting of api_key -> apiKey was unintentional and caused by some other changes.

This broke several apps that were expecting the original response.

As of the release today we will be going back to the response:

{ "api_key": "KEY", "expires": "1574272016"}

Hopefully that doesn't break anything for any of you guys, but we definitely want to go back to the original way that endpoint worked.

Also, we are currently working on fixes for the filter parameter used to filter by video name. There's a bug in that currently causing many search results to not be returned.

We will likely have a fix out for that after Thanksgiving break.