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Hello everyone!

I've been playing around a bit with the API and thought it would be nice to have an internet calendar you can subscribe to which keeps track of all upcoming game releases. So I created a scraper that gets all game releases per platform and per region (US, EU, JP and AU) and did some magic to create a URL you can subscribe to in your favorite calendar app.

You can also search previous releases to quickly check when a game came out (no real intelligence there yet, just retrieves all releases that contain the text you enter) and add filters for specific regions and platforms.

Please have a look as I'm open to feedback!

To limit the size of the ICS file (Google Calendar for instance has a 2MB or 1000 event limit) I only return releases between "today" and the next 5 years. It updates every night and I noticed Google Calendar updates 6-12 hours after that, so please be patient :)

I also ONLY look at the releases, and not the expected release date of a game (as this could differ per region/platform).
So I hope the community keeps the releases of each game updated to ensure my calendar is correct as well :D

Let me know what you think!
(Oh, and my VPS isn't very powerful so performance could be slow...)