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Hey Duders!

Today I finally got around to wrapping up a little side project I've been working on that the recent site redesign inspired me to do! I still need to workshop the name, but currently I've dubbed it Gatsby Bomb.

It's a Progressive Web App built in Gatsby V2 thats strictly just for watching videos that are linked to a giant bomb show, split up into seasons. It currently only has a smaller subset of giantbomb shows. You can search videos and shows by name, watch GB Infinite, and whatever is currently live (This is pretty experimental and might not work on mobile :( ).

I'd be happy to go into some details in how it's built if anyone is interested! :)

It's built to be really fast and was super fun to build. It uses the embedded player for videos so as long as you're logged into on your device, you should be able to watch premium videos and things like continue watching should still function.

Hoping to add more things and tighten up the design as it is still a work in progress, let me know what you guys think!

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Disclaimer: This is by all means not trying to replace watching videos on giantbomb, the engineering team continues to push out a dope website that looks great and functions great for viewing the content!