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This is only tangentially related to the API but this seems like the best place to ask - 

I'm getting ready to submit my Windows Phone 7 Giant Bomb app to the marketplace and had some questions about usage of the Giant Bomb name & logo.  Specifically I'm trying to figure out if it's ok to use the Giant Bomb logo (the one in the upper left of the site) & Giant Bomb name in my app and if there's any guidelines on usage.  If any Whiskey staff is reading this and could help / point towards who to talk to about this I'd appreciate it.


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Bottom of the API landing page says:

How to contact us

For business inqueries contact:

Mike Tatum
Email: api@whiskeymedia.com
Tel: +1 (415) 738-5423

For tech inqueries contact:

Andy McCurdy
Email: andy@whiskeymedia.com

I guess this would be classified as a business inquiry, so try contacting Mike Tatum and see if he can help you.
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@LordAndrew:  I should have included this in my original post - I sent an email off to that address earlier in the week but haven't had any luck w/ a response which is part of why I'm trying the forum route as well.