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#51 Posted by Wander (3 posts) -

Speaking of GBTV, are there going to be specific api endpoints? Or is it already accessible somehow? Looking to add it to an app, and obviously don't want to just embed the unlisted youtube id.

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#52 Edited by Calvinball (112 posts) -

@wander: It shows up in the /chats endpoint. Though the site_detail_url erroneously points to instead of

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#54 Edited by Bgr11123 (1 posts) -

Hey just wanted to pop in here and say that having search results return genres for the games as well as platforms would be a very nice addition as some other people have pointed out already. That way we can filter our search by those fields.

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#55 Posted by LookAYoYo (2 posts) -

Hello, first post here. I noticed that in the user_reviews api call, the documentation says that you can access the game feature, but that hasn't been working. I did notice that the api returns a wikiObject feature containing the game's name, which the documentation never mentions explicitly. It would be great to see the documentation reflect this. I'd also love to have a way to not just get the game's name from a user_review, but also the guid for the game. Maybe this issue is why when I access the games api, all the num_user_reviews == 0.

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#56 Posted by BravoJade (90 posts) -

Given I know a game id/guid and platform id/guid, it would be nice to be able to get the game's releases on that platform with 'developers' and 'publishers' fields.

If I hit /releases and filter by game and platform, I can't get developers/publishers without more requests to /release.

Releases on api/game/{guid} don't identify platform or respect platform filter, so I can't determine which one(s) I should request to get the platform release's developers/publishers.

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#57 Posted by kaninchen95 (8 posts) -

Hey there,

I was wondering if there was any more consideration to user data being supported by the API? I remember Dave Snider responding to this answer quite awhile ago saying that it was not available because of privacy concerns, but maybe in the future. Even just a username and display picture would be amazing!

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#58 Posted by Flamingmonky (6 posts) -


With the new watchlist feature it would be awesome if there was a way to expose it through the API. Even just an extra field on shows or videos saying if they are or not would be super useful.

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#59 Posted by trumad (45 posts) -

Hey all :) Thank you for the rich API. The apps that it's enabled are great and really add to the enjoyment of Giant Bomb. Would it be possible for the API to tell apps where a user left off on a video, and for apps to tell the API where the user left off? I like being able to continue where I left off when I use the site, and I can do it on the apps as well - but the information isn't shared across the services.

That way I could watch a video on the site or on the app, and when I switch to a different app or back to the site I can continue where I left off. This would of course require the app developers to update the apps with the feature, and it's probably more complicated than I would hope? Would love your thoughts. Thanks!

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#60 Posted by TheHanna (41 posts) -

I would love to see better support for HTTP headers! Instead of putting the API key in the request URL, it could be sent as a bearer token using an Authorization header; instead of specifying the response type in the request URL, it could honor the requested Content-Type header.