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Hey guys, 
I'm looking for some help or suggestions to try to create a GB gamercard.  I'd like to create one which shows boxart instead of game tiles, and with links to GB pages.  I've seen a fantastic Wii GamerCard here on GB, and think it's a great thing, and would like to do similar.
The big problem I see with this, is the identification of the games.  The only way I can see to get the games is to screen-scrape the XBOX gamercard site ( such as  http://gamercard.xbox.com/en-GB/Stefan%20Leroux.card ).  However, looking at this gives 3 possible ways to get the game info. I can only see to either take the TitleId, or the alt/title values from the tile images, or to attempt to backward engineer from the tile url.  
Since GB isn't allowed to replicate any of the MS data, using the TitleId would require some way to find the game, or else to use another API.  However, if using the name taken from the alt attributes, then I can foresee issues with getting the GB data again - for instance with identification of games with similar names (Sonic the Hedgehog & SONIC THE HEDGEHOG), or for ones with awkward or regional names ( Army of Two (EU) or DEADRISING2: CASEWEST). 
Can anyone give me any of their thoughts on this, or point me towards anything that they have come across?  Would really appreciate any help.