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I am want to create a feed to look through the games and pick out in XML

Game Name, Platforms, Genre, Publisher, Release Data & Box Art URL used on the Games page.

Any ideas on how I do this or get started on it?

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Sounds like you'd want to use the "Games" List resource.  The URL would look like:


Where XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is your api key.

You can paginate through this list using the limit and offset filters.

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@andy: I am trying to cut down the info with filter, field_list and sort but I'm not getting anywhere?

360 as example

but I just get everything, I also want to only have one image (the box art displayed on the game page).

Any Ideas?
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@Gowans007: filter_type and filter_value are not valid parameters. The documentation lists a platforms parameter, so use that instead.
In addition, only reviews and videos have a sort option. You'll have to code your application to do the sorting for you if that's what you want. You'd use the original_release_date field, or the expected_release_month, expected_release_quarter, and expected_release_year fields.