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I have tested GiantBomb API with success from my localhost machine, but when i tried to run it on my WordPress site, with different ip, i keep getting a 'Are you a Human?' response with a CAPTCHA in the response from the API. Also, when the response code is displayed, the captcha gives an error: 'ERROR for site owner: invalid domain for site key' - but I think this error is normal for ReCaptcha. On that machine, I keep getting this response from the first try, on any endpoint I try.

I think this is very weird, because I don't think that the API was designed for humans to be used.

My question is: what can I do to solve this?

Thank you in advance for help.



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Any luck sorting this out? I've hit this too.

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You may want to try sending an email to ipbans@gamespot.com - be sure to include your API key, IP address, and other relevant info about how you're using the API. This sounds like you're hitting some sort of security measure against bots, so the engineers may be able to assist you with that.