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I've been making a site with the API, and I thought I should show it off in here. Presenting... MICROTRANSACTION ZONE:

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If you want a detailed description of what the idea behind the site is, we released a mission statement a while back (Link), but the skinny is as follows:

  • We've divided modern video game DLC/microtransactions into several broad categories/"tags"
  • Anyone can browse to a game, check off the tags that apply, and write a paragraph or two about exactly how the game's monetization schemes are put together. There's also support for external links, to wiki pages/articles/youtube videos with more information
  • Once a submission has been approved/proofread by a moderator (me or my co-founder), it goes live on the site for everyone else to see
  • There's also a filtering engine in place, so it's possible to look up "All the [PS4] [First-person shooter games] that have been marked as not having [Randomized real-money loot boxes]"

We're in closed beta right now, polishing off the last few corners before we launch for real. I hope you'll check it out once we open our doors!

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Incidentally, I recommend against posting a topic with a URL in the title (like, say, "MICROTRANSACTION ZONE", but with a dot in the middle...) - you might just set off an automated spam detection system, get all your posts and topics hidden from the forum, lose your ability to contact the moderators, and have to awkwardly sidle up to the Giant Bomb support email... :P

Here's a downscaled screencap of the individual game page:

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Oh cool, that is actually useful. Have you developed an API yet?