Need website building help

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I am creating a website and I am in need of a way to present a list of popular games being played. Something similar to Twitch’s Browse tab. It would have to update automatically, and a user would have to be able to search for the game that they wanted.

Any ideas? Not sure where to start with this one.


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Hey there,

I'm just starting to experiment with the API - I might recommend using something like React to keep track of the array of games based on a query through the api.

That way each time you load the page it repopulates the list of games.

As for the query to get the games haven't played around a lot with it but Id suggest something like this (youd need to do a little playing around with filters or parsing the result to get the titles of all the games you're after:[YOUR-API-KEY]&format=json&filter=original_release_date:1980-1-1%2000:00:00|1990-1-1%2000:00:00&sort=original_release_date:asc

Thats my suggestion as a new to the game junior dev :D

Best of luck with the project!