New Unofficial Roku Channel Released (Bombermin)

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Been working the past week on building a new Roku app for Giant Bomb as the official one lacks a couple of features. Just released an initial version and thought I would post here in case anyone else is interested!

Right now it is pretty bare bones but includes modes for browsing shows + a basic search function. The two major things it has over the official app now are search (yay!) and pagination for shows (even though the latter is pretty janky it just about works :)). It also should save your position in a video across platforms (tested switching between videos on the main website and Roku for instance).

Fair warning: I have only tested on my device ('4k streaming stick') and also never developed a Roku channel before so it might be pretty buggy. I have submitted it to Roku for publishing but I believe anyone can install it with this link:

The code for the project is hosted here so if you discover a bug or have a feature request etc I would appreciate if you open an 'issue' on the repo (or even better a pull request with code :P)