original_release_date started returning null

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I've been using the GiantBomb API for a while. I use 2 endpoints - 'games' & 'game'. For both these endpoints, the field 'original_release_date' almost always contained the release date of the game.

I've recently noticed that for most games this field now returns null, even for games for which in the past it returned values. I can't say how long ago this started happening, but it definitely did. I have an automated test that I run every once in a while to see that my API integration is correct, and that test started failing for this reason.

It looks like for most cases I can workaround by using the 'expected_release_year', 'expected_release_month' & 'expected_release_day' fields, which return non-null values (even for games which have already been released, which is slightly confusing).

Can anyone confirm that there were api or data changes on the side of GiantBomb?

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I noticed the same problem with the API: "original_release_date": null, can anyone solve this problem ?

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Same Issue, looks like only thing I can pull for the "release date" is "expected_release_xxx" but "original_release_date" is null. Did something change or is this a bug?

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There isn't an original_release_date field. You will need to cobble together the date using the expected_release_* fields.

The logic for the original_release_date is that it will be null if we do not have the full release date available. If we only have a partial release date, then it gets displayed via the expected_release_* fields.

There seems to be a bug in the api docs where expected_release_day is not listed as part of the games endpoint, I'll get that fixed.

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Thanks for your reply. Can you please just clarify - was this field removed? I'm certain it was returning release dates before.

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You may be thinking about the release endpoint which does contain a release_date field.