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Hello, I'm hoping this is the appropriate place to post this question. Im learning web development currently and am trying to complete a project based on APIs. We are currently ONLY working on front-end things, so I'd be using JavaScript only and not any servers to pull the data. Due to that and the fact giant bomb is not CORS friendly Im having to try to pull JSONP data.

To try to better explain my issue Ill try to explain the intention of the project I was working on. It was just supposed to be a little web app where you could search a game by name and see a list of platforms that game is on. When looking at the /games API in Postman I can see that each game listed also has an array of the platforms it is on, which is exactly the data Im looking for. When pulling the data in JavaScript though I am unable to see those Arrays, AND I only have a list of 100 results.

So my question is, is my project even possible to achieve with the resources Im using? And if so, can someone direct me to how I would go about it?

I suspect I would have an easier time pulling the platforms data by using a specific game API rather than the full list of games, but that requires a games GUID and Im not sure how I would get that without being able to pull the full list of games to begin with.

Thanks in advance for any help with this!

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@nahbichco What fields are you seeing if not all the fields from the games endpoint?