Playing videos inside an app question

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Apologies if this has been asked somewhere before, but I just have a question about playing videos inside of an app

For example, lets say I've authenticated the user via the "apple-tv" flow, and have retrieved their key. Now, I want to play . From reading the documentation, I think I have to append ?api_key=<user_key> (which works from the manual testing I've done), but from reading this forum entry, it would imply that any single user would only be able to play 20 videos in any single day. Is this correct?

Or does the "apple-tv" registration process somehow negate the video limit mentioned in the forum post? It might be not noticeable unless someone was indecisive and watched the start of a lot of videos (or used various different combinations of app + script etc, as the apple-tv endpoint registration flow seems like it returns the same key for every app ), but hoping to know either way

Thanks :)